The Wedding

We loved our wedding. Was it The Best Day of Our Life with capital letters? Probably not. We've had plenty of amazing days since then, thank goodness! But it was a really, really wonderful day, and it was sacramental and beautiful and something we'll remember forever!

When we were engaged, I blogged all about our wedding planning adventures. After all was said and done and we were happily basking in newlywed bliss, I recapped the whole thing on the blog. For a while, Spirals & Spatulas was somewhat internet-popular in the wedding-planning world, but now it's just fun to look back on all the wedding fun that happened 5+ years ago (and the wedding-planning world can find much better content through a quick Pinterest search!).

A trip through the archives will give you a TON of wedding-related reading material, but if you're looking for something specific, here's an outline of most of the wedding posts:

The "Wedding Week" Posts:
Wedding Party Dinner
Bachelorette Party
Bachelor Party
Bridal Luncheon + Reception Setup
Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Recaps:
Getting Ready
Putting on the Dress
Bridesmaid Photos
Pre-Ceremony Photos  + Guys Getting Ready
Ceremony Details
Ceremony - Part 1
Ceremony - Part 2
Formal Photos
Bride & Groom Photos
My "Somethings"
Reception Intros & Food
Cake Cutting
Parent Dances
Dancing - Part 1
Bouquet and Garter Toss
Dancing - Part 2
The Flowers
Reception Details
Our Rolls Royce & Sparklers Exit

The Proposal: Part OnePart Two

The DIY Projects:
Bridesmaid Cards
Save the Dates: The Inside
Save the Dates: The Outside
Hair Flowers
Door Signs
Reader Frame
Unity Candle
Cake Servers
Place Cards & Board
Candy Buffet: here and here and here
Bouquet Charms
Dress Hangers
Table Numbers
Family Wedding Photo Display
Guestbook Quilt
Bathroom Baskets
Newspaper Announcement (not DIY per se, but it was a project!)

The Dress Search:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

The "My Big Fat Catholic Wedding" Series (in which I write about the logistics of getting married in the Catholic Church):
Part I - The Process
Part II - 
The FOCCUS test
Part IV - The Deacon Meeting
Part VIII - "The Rules"

The Honeymoon:
The Overview
The Details

Our Wedding Album (MyPublisher)
Our Engagement and Honeymoon Albums (Shutterfly)
Our Vendor List