Hi, I'm Katie! Thanks for stopping by!


I'm a wife, mommy, and lawyer, and I write all about our little life in Texas! In 2009, I started this blog as a way to procrastinate writing English papers during my last year of college at the best university in the world, Texas A&M. I named it "Spirals & Spatulas" after my love for spiral-bound notebooks (perfect for writing lots of lists!) and making/eating delicious baked goods.

I met my husband, Jeff, when I was thirteen, and we were best friends (and nothing more) for a long time. Then we (quite accidentally) fell in love and dated long-distance for a while before he surprised me with an engagement ring and a proposal. He'll always be my biggest blessing and the best thing that ever happened to me.


As I planned our wedding, my little corner of the World Wide Web took off as a bridal/wedding blog. I wrote all about our wedding... everything from the unity candle to the reception table numbers. Then I recapped our entire wedding day and honeymoon.


I planned to stop the whole blogging thing after the wedding recaps, but then... I just didn't. By that time I had grown quite attached to Spirals & Spatulas (my scrapbook + recipe box + hobby combo!).

I wrote all about law school, and now I just write about our general, everyday life! Common topics include recipes, home decor, our trips and travelsDIY projects, and our life as a Catholic family.


We bought our first house in the summer of 2011, and we're constantly re-decorating and updating it. I'm the world's slowest home decorator. You can check out our house tour page, but be warned - it's horribly outdated! I'll update it one of these days...



In December 2014, we were blessed with our first child, Connor. If falling in love with Jeff is the best thing that ever happened to me, then having Connor is definitely the best thing that ever happened to us. I am absolutely loving life as a mommy!


Leave me a comment and say hello! Feel free to e-mail me at spiralsandspatulas{at}gmail{dot}com.