Monday, February 9, 2015

New Light Fixtures!

When we bought our house, we really liked most things about it, but it's impossible to find "the perfect house," so there are a few things we don't love. For example, I really wish we had a second oven, and we'd love to have a fireplace.

The biggest issue though, by far, was the light fixtures. Excluding the ceiling fans and the dining room chandelier, we hated every single light fixture. Luckily, light fixtures can be easily changed!

We replaced the light in the piano room (our formal living room) with a black chandelier right after we moved in. Soon after that, we upgraded the lights in the three upstairs bedrooms by replacing them with ceiling fans and a sparkly chandelier in the craft room. But then we started focusing on other things, so for a couple years now we've been living with lights we strongly dislike in all of the bathrooms, the entryway, all of our hallways, and the exterior of the house. I recently started to focus on the horrible lighting again though, and one-by-one we've been ticking through the lengthy list of lights to replace!

We took one big trip to Home Depot and Lowe's and came home with lights for the upstairs bathrooms, the downstairs half bathroom, and the front exterior of the house.

First up, the half bathroom! Before...


These bulbs are so bright and they're HOT.

So, so ugly.

And after!




We have two exterior lights on the front of the house, and they were both these puny little tiny black lantern things:




They actually weren't that bad, but they were so small and the scale seemed off, and we really wanted to upgrade to something that we could program to turn on at night or when it senses motion. So we switched them out for these:




I love the seeded glass!

The new lights are bigger and prettier, and they automatically turn on when the sun goes down (and turn off when the sun comes up!). They also automatically get brighter when they sense motion. We love them!

While we were messing around with all the lights outside, we figured we'd switch out our doorbell as well! Our old doorbell was pretty ugly...


But now we have a pretty oil rubbed bronze one!

Such a quick and cheap fix... why didn't we do this three years ago?!

The upstairs bathrooms had similar lights to the downstairs half bath, just bigger (and worse).


But now they have pretty little lights with actual shades!







We still want to get new lights for our entryway, our master bathroom, and the backyard patio, but we're making progress! If anyone wants a bunch of used, ugly light fixtures, let me know. ;)

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  1. These were great improvements. We had to replace a pink floral ceiling fan in one of our bedrooms. It made sense with the previous owner's daughter's Strawberry Shortcake theme. Not so much for us.