Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving got a bit lost in the craziness of preterm labor and bedrest, but we did celebrate with family and have a wonderful time, so I wanted to make sure I documented it on the blog even though it's been a while since then!

Since I was 34 weeks pregnant, having some preterm labor symptoms, and technically supposed to be on "modified bedrest," we stayed in Houston for Thanksgiving. Normally we head up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to see our grandparents and extended families, and although we missed seeing everyone, it was really nice to avoid the four-hour drive and spend Thanksgiving Day in one place (rather than driving back and forth to various Dallas/Fort Worth suburbs).

But before we get too far into talking about Thanksgiving Day, let's take a second to appreciate my dad, who stuck the frozen turkey up his shirt a few weeks before Thanksgiving and declared that he looked like pregnant Katie. :)


Teehee. Now that that's done, let's chat about Thanksgiving.

We went over to my parents' house the day before Thanksgiving so I could help my mom prep the food. This was our first time doing a turkey without my grandma, so we were a little nervous!


My sister, Kristen, came home from New York for Thanksgiving, which we were all SO EXCITED about!

Jeff and I spent the night at my parents' house to get a little extra quality time with everyone. My mom and I got up early on Thanksgiving Day to get the turkey in the oven (by the way, this next photo is for everyone who kept telling me I was a tiny pregnant person... look at that belly!).


We ate breakfast and watched the Macy's parade (something Jeff and I haven't done since we got married, since we're usually driving all over the place at that time of day). Eventually the turkey came out of the oven (after only one minor mishap with a thermometer that wasn't quite as oven-safe as we thought), and we had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner around 1:00pm.


My parents are the cutest.


I'll always be thankful for my sweet husband!

With my mom and little sisters!

Thanksgiving table!

After dinner, we decided to try and get some Christmas card photos while my sister was in town. Here's the whole family:


Jeff and I ended up using this one for our Christmas card:


After the sun went down and we had some decent photos, Jeff and I were goofing around and took a bunch of cheesy maternity pictures. Since Connor ended up coming early, these ended up being the only maternity photos we ever got, so I'm thankful that we played around and took them, despite the bad lighting and silly poses! Haha.







Anyway, it was a really nice, relaxing Thanksgiving (and the last holiday we'll ever celebrate without Connor joining us!).


  1. For the record, you were still a tiny prego. At least y'all got some maternity shots!

  2. So glad you're back to some blogging because I can't wait to see more pictures of that beautiful baby boy of yours and hear about his grand entrance into the world. The "maternity" pictures of you and Jeff are really cute!