Monday, January 26, 2015

Connor's Newborn Photos

Our wedding photographer, Kelli Nicole, has transitioned into doing mostly newborn photography, and she's absolutely fabulous (seriously... just click over to her blog and ooh and ahh at the adorable babies), but oh boy y'all... newborn photography is expensive. Since we only really needed a few decent shots for his birth announcement and a few for us to have, we decided to try to do DIY newborn photos of Connor rather than paying for a pro photographer to do them. So it was up to me and my (greatly improved but still not anything close to professional-level) photography skills with our DSLR camera.

Kelli has a super-helpful tutorial on newborn photography on her blog, so I used a lot of her advice, picked a day when Connor seemed to be in a good mood, stuck my baby in our laundry basket (seriously!) with some blankets, and spent an hour or so snapping photos of him! Here are a few of my favorites:








I'm really pleased with how they turned out. They're obviously not the sort of quality you'd get from an actual pro photographer (although I do think these are way better than the images we bought from the pro photographer at the hospital), but they were good enough for our purposes, and now we'll always be able to look back and remember what he looked like as an adorable little newborn! Plus, the DSLR camera has basically paid for itself now with the money we saved on professional newborn photos, right? :)