Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas 2014

I'm just going to go ahead and be the last person in the whole world wide web to post a Christmas 2014 recap on her blog. I can use the newborn baby excuse to explain the delay, right? ;)

Best gift ever, indeed.

First things first... here's our 2014 Christmas card (which went out early in December, before we knew Connor was arriving pre-Christmas!) in our holiday card album. I went with Shutterfly this year instead of my usual go-to, TinyPrints, because I had a really good coupon code, but I was disappointed in the print quality. Back to TinyPrints next year!



And here are our new Christmas ornaments for 2014 - one from our Monaco trip (we always buy an ornament as a souvenir when we're on vacation) and a "we're expecting" ornament. Connor has a bunch of "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments now too!



Connor turned one week old on Christmas Eve. We dressed him up in a cute little outfit that was way too big for him (the poor thing didn't start to fit into his newborn-sized clothes until around four weeks old!), and spent the day with my family.


Connor got to meet his third set of great-grandparents!


We went to Mass on Christmas Eve with my parents, sisters, and grandparents at the church where Jeff and I got married. It's always special to go back there when we're with my parents!


My mom did a delicious seafood boil for dinner (complete with plastic bibs!), and after we ate we all sang Christmas carols (a family Christmas Eve tradition)!





We normally stay either in Dallas or at my parents' house on Christmas Eve, but since Connor was so little we decided it would be easier to just spend the night at home and come back in the morning. So we ended up having our first ever Christmas morning in our house!


Since we weren't expecting Connor to arrive in time for Christmas, I didn't have a stocking for him. The little "C" stocking was a $2 last-minute Target purchase that worked just fine! I'm looking forward to making/buying us a matching set for next year!


We may be parents now, but there definitely weren't any children waking us up on Christmas morning. Connor slept through the whole thing! 


I bought these reindeer pajamas while I was pregnant, and I hoped against all odds that he'd arrive in time to wear them. And he did. :)

Of course, a sleeping baby didn't stop us from taking lots of Christmas morning pictures of him. :)

My loves. :)


Here's Connor with his Christmas gifts!


In future years, I think we might follow the gold, frankincense, and myrrh gift-giving approach., but we decided to keep it simple this year, since he was only a week old and all (and since we were initially planning on giving gifts to an in-utero baby... haha), so Jeff and I gave him a personalized cross from SashleeCeramics on Etsy and a WubbaNub Giraffe. Santa brought him an Oball Shaker.


He loved the WubbaNub instantly!


Jeff and I had such a hard time coming up with anything for Christmas wishlists this year (we both just really wanted a baby, haha!). I thought I had come up with a super-thoughtful and creative gift for Jeff by ordering a shipment of wine from one of our favorite Sonoma wineries for him. It turns out Jeff had the exact same idea, and he ordered wine from the same winery for me! So now we have a LOT of delicious wine. I'm not complaining!

We went over to my parents' house later in the morning and opened gifts with my parents and sisters, then had a delicious lunch. Connor was totally spoiled by his aunts and grandparents. My mom even had a stocking all monogrammed and ready for him!






Connor really liked his Christmas gift from his great-grandparents. :)

After lunch, we drove to Jeff's parents' house to celebrate with them. Jeff's dad was sick when Connor was born, so he wasn't able to hold him until Christmas. He was VERY excited to finally hold his grandson!


We always open Christmas crackers with Jeff's family and wear the paper crowns during dinner. :)





And then Christmas Day was over and we went home to hang out in our pajamas and not leave the house for a few days like you're supposed to do when you have a newborn. :)

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas season!

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