Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pregnancy Recap: Weeks 17-23

I've officially caught up to real-life time with these updates... I'm 23 weeks today!

Week 17:
Big week this week! I had my first real pregnancy craving - for crab rangoons. So random, but it was like I could smell them as if they were sitting on my desk at work, and I wanted to eat them SO BADLY! Haha. We had our second doctor's appointment and heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time (152 bpm!). I've gained 7 pounds, and my belly is measuring a week ahead of schedule. All the blood work that they did because of my high blood pressure came back perfect, so that was wonderful to hear. Nausea returned a bit starting this weekend, and I threw up on Tuesday for the first time in ten days. I guess I'm not done with that stage of pregnancy quite yet!

The biggest news of all: IT'S A BOY! We did an elective ultrasound on Saturday, and the ultrasound tech was able to tell us that we're going to have a son! His heart was beating at 143 bpm, and his little feet are 2 cm long (which actually seems pretty big to me, compared to his tiny body!). We surprised our families with the "it's a boy" news, and we're all very excited! We have a name all picked out too (will share soon!)!

It's a Boy! Read about how we shared the news with our families here!
Week 18:
The baby went to his first (and probably last) bachelorette party. His daddy was very proud. I don't think he's supposed to be able to hear yet, but he moves a LOT when there's loud music! I developed a horrible sore throat this week, which would've had me saying I "wasn't feeling well" pre-pregnancy, but I didn't feel nauseous or throw up this week, so I was feeling GREAT! I'm drinking tons and tons of milk. Can't get enough! So weird.

Baby's 1st Bachelorette Party (and Mama's 1st Pregnancy-Friendly Swimsuit)

Week 19:
The Good: Jeff felt the baby move for the first time on August 8th! So fun to finally share those little movements with him! The Bad: Nausea has returned, unfortunately (right after I got comfortable enough to take the gallon-sized Ziplocs out of all my purses... ick).

I feel like I keep going through cycles where my belly just feels super full and tight and uncomfortable, and then the belly has a growth spurt and looks way bigger and my insides don't feel so squished anymore, and then my belly feels all tight and uncomfortable again, and then I get bigger, repeat, repeat.

I bought baby this little hat... so cute!

Week 20:
Wow. We're officially halfway done with this pregnancy! I can't believe how fast it's gone, and I think it's starting to go by even faster now that I'm getting sick less often. We did the anatomy ultrasound on August 19th at the doctor and confirmed (1) that he's definitely a boy, and (2) that everything else looks good! We also learned that he's measuring in the 90th percentile for weight!

Here's what we got instead of a cute profile shot... two arms and two legs all in front of his face!

It kind of freaks me out that I might end up having to deliver a huge baby, but mostly it's just comforting to know that he's growing big and strong (especially since I have a significant chance of pre-term labor/induction due to my blood pressure issues). They weren't able to get a good look at his heart, so we'll do another ultrasound at my 24-week appointment. I'm really missing iced tea this week for some reason, but Jeff found some diet decaf sweet tea at the grocery store. Best husband ever!

Week 21:
We painted the nursery with the help of Jeff's dad! It was by far our easiest painting job to date (probably due to having an extra set of hands and the ceilings being lower in the nursery), and it looks so bright and cheery in there! We picked Valspar's "Distant Valley." It's like a light aqua.


Despite throwing up a couple times this week, I'm loving being pregnant right now! I can't get enough of the little baby kicks/punches, and I love that I'm actually starting to look pregnant to strangers (I think). Some sweet friends of ours bought baby this adorable Gamecocks/Aggies onesie:


I'm still squeezing into regular clothes for work mostly, but I think it's not going to last for more than another week or two. My poor pencil skirts just can't stretch anymore!


Week 22:
We took a trip to South Carolina to visit Jeff's parents, and it was kind of fun to show off my growing belly to the family. :) My future sister-in-law Emily got to feel the baby kick my belly, which was fun as well!

When we were in the airport coming home, one of the TSA agents exclaimed "you've got a little baby in there!" when I turned sideways to do the little security scan. It was the first time (and only time so far) that someone who didn't already know said something about me being pregnant, which was kind of exciting!

It seems like time is really flying by. I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed at all the things we need to do before January! I have about seven different to-do lists in progress! Still though, I am absolutely loving looking forward to having our little baby in our arms.

Week 23:
Nothing particularly new to report this week, except that I'm just feeling so blessed and full of joy that I'm carrying this baby and counting down the weeks until he joins us on the outside. Pregnancy is an amazing thing.

Sometimes I think about when Jeff and I were first falling in love, and how we imagined that one day in the far-away future we'd live in a little house and get to raise a little baby of our very own, and I remember the years when we were dating long-distance, and I remember how badly we just wanted to wake up together every morning and see each other smile in person every day, and I just start to get all emotional and teary-eyed because y'all... here I am, living in my own little dream world, every day. I'm married to my very best friend who brings so much joy to my life every day, and I have our son somersaulting around in my quickly-expanding belly, and life is just the most wonderful, joyful thing. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Celebrating Four Years of Marriage

I love celebrating our anniversary. We never do anything super fancy or extravagant, but we always do at least a little something to celebrate and give each other little gifts. I've always given Jeff gifts that go with the traditional anniversary gift list, and Year 4 is "fruit and flowers."

Fruit and flowers was the hardest theme so far for me (1-3 were paper, cotton, and leather... much easier!), but I ended up buying Jeff a few months of Harry & David's "Fruit and Cheese of the Month" deliveries and we've really enjoyed it so far! In the first two deliveries, we've enjoyed delicious peaches, nectarines, goat cheese, and promontory cheese!

Jeff went with the theme this year as well. When I got home from work on our anniversary, there were a BUNCH of vases of flowers all over the house. They were in the living room, the kitchen, our bedroom, and even our bathroom! I was running around the house all excitedly looking at them all. Definitely one of the sweetest things he's ever done. :)


He also surprised me with an assortment of chocolate-covered fruits from The Chocolate Bar. Delicious!


Since I spent the weekend closest to our anniversary out of town at a bachelorette party, we ended up postponing our official anniversary celebration a bit. We eventually celebrating with dinner and a movie at Alamo Drafthouse (our first time to see a movie in a theater since Mother's Day 2012... we weren't intentionally avoiding going to the movies, but life happens!). We saw The Giver (one of my favorite books from grade school!) and enjoyed Alamo Drafthouse's Houston Restaurant Weeks menu (three courses of deliciousness!).

It was a little weird to celebrate our fourth anniversary knowing that on our next anniversary, we'll have a seven-month-old baby! We have four wonderful years behind us, but our biggest adventure is yet to come!
Travel Back in Time: Here's how we celebrating our first, second, and third anniversaries!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weddings and Showers and Parties, Oh My!

We've been celebrating, celebrating, celebrating lately! I got to spend a weekend at the beach in Galveston, TX for the bachelorette party of my sweet friend Pilar...



And we travelled to Ennis for a big family reunion (kielbasa and polka music! woohoo!).



And then there was a bridal shower for my sister-in-law-to-be, Emily!



And then my cousin, Liz, got married, so there was a shower and a luncheon and a rehearsal dinner and of course, the wedding!!



I barely squeezed into one of my non-maternity cocktail dresses... last time that'll happen for a while!

My forever wedding date. :)

So much fun crammed into just a few weeks! There are so many exciting things going on right now with our families, and we're just loving all the celebrating!

Savannah, Georgia and Lake Murray, South Carolina!

We spent Labor Day weekend visiting Jeff's parents in South Carolina at their new lakehouse, and we had such a lovely time! Jeff's brothers were able to make the trip for the weekend as well, and it was so nice to have the whole family together!

Jeff and I used reward miles for our airline tickets, so we ended up flying into Savannah, GA and then driving three hours to South Carolina. The driving part was annoying, but we got to spend Friday night and Saturday morning in Savannah! We'd love to go back for a weekend and see more of the city another time, but we really enjoyed our stay at the River Street Inn and breakfast at Huey's on the River (mmm, peaches 'n cream French toast!).

River Street Inn

River Street Inn is an old cotton warehouse, and it was right on the river. Just beautiful!




View from our room!

Huey's on the River

We spent a quick half hour exploring Savannah before we drove to South Carolina, and it was so pretty! I loved the cobblestone streets. 






I hardly pulled out my camera the whole time we were at the lake (there was lots of relaxing, and not a lot of photographing), but I did get a couple photos of the lake from the screened porch (my favorite spot in the house!).


Our visit was much too quick, but at least we were able to be there for a few days! I hate that South Carolina is so far away... we'll never be able to get out there as often as we'd like, but we're really happy that Jeff's parents are able to retire in their dream location!