Monday, August 25, 2014

The Second Guest Room

Since I've never photographed our second guest bedroom with the dSLR camera, and it's about to become the baby's room, I figured I'd better take a few photos before we start tearing it apart for prepare for the baby! I actually did a post on this room a while back, but some things have changed since then, so I wanted to do an update of the guest bedroom in it's "finished" state, just before being converted into the nursery!

We took the white mirror that used to hang over the bed and put it in the craft room so this little "B" (a DIY gift from my cousin) took its place!

Wedding photos from us, our parents, and our grandparents (Jeff's grandparents lost their photos, so we had to settle for individual portraits from the same time period.) These are a wedding DIY project re-used. :)


I've learned from personal experience that it can be a little uncomfortable as a guest if your room doesn't have (1) a mirror and (2) a trash can. So I made sure to add both to this room! I love this aqua wood mirror (which ended up working out, since we took the other wood mirror out of the room), and the little white trash can to the left of the desk was a cheap addition that makes the room more comfortable for our guests!





Ancient TV. Ugly, but it gets used, so we've kept it here. It's headed straight for the church garage sale though once this becomes the nursery!



Ceiling fans are a MUST in bedrooms in Texas. It definitely limits your options for cute lighting, but comfort beats style when it comes to Texas summer heat!


I adore this bedding! I just love the dainty red flowers so much. So simple but so cute!



I feel a sort of special sentimentality toward this room because it was the first room we finished in the house, and even before that we had a version of this room (same furniture, same color scheme, etc.) in our old apartment. This room has always been a very low-budget endeavor, and I'm kind of proud that we were able to create a comfortable space for guests by combining a lot of low-cost items (honestly, I think just about everything in this room came from Wal-Mart, Ikea, or HomeGoods!). 

Source List:
Dresser, Bed, Bedside table - Ikea HEMNES
Lamps and shades - Wal-Mart
Desk - Wal-Mart 
Curtain, black alarm clock - IKEA
Curtain rod, aqua mirror, aqua flower pillow, white frames, sand timer, red birds, red bowl & potpourri, and aqua frame - HomeGoods
Black and red candlesticks, "Happy" sign, red glass vase, black frames - Hobby Lobby
Duvet, red pillows - IKEA
Red and black box, hanging "B," black clock - gifts
Stick figure art - DIY

We're going to paint the bed, dresser, desk, and nightstand white. The dresser and nightstand will stay in here for the nursery. The bed will just get stored for a while (disassembled underneath our other guest bed) until we (1) have a child old enough for a big bed, or (2) move into a house with more bedrooms, but we're going to go ahead and paint it first so all the furniture matches so we can use it in the future. The desk is probably going to go under the window in the craft room... we'll see! 

Now I just need to find a new spot for those family wedding photos... :) 

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  1. I love all the little touches in your home. They really pull together each room.