Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's a...


We are so, so excited!

We actually found out when I was about 16 1/2 weeks pregnant. The original plan was to wait until the 20-week anatomy ultrasound, but we were really curious (ok, mostly me... Jeff was fine), and there's a place right by our house that does a sex determination ultrasound any time after 14 weeks for $60... and they had an appointment on a Saturday morning so we just went and did it!

It was kind of a last-minute thing, so none of our family/friends knew we were going to find out that day. It ended up being a really special moment... the ultrasound tech took her time showing us the baby from all different angles and it was so much nicer than an ultrasound at the doctor's office!

Two little baby feet!

140726-090938-katherine barnhill
3-D ultrasound shot! 

Our baby was perfectly positioned for us to be able to tell too... right when the ultrasound tech flipped on the display screen, I said "Oh, this is going to be so nice... we haven't seen the baby in a while!" and she responded "You haven't seen him in a while!" So it only took her about two seconds to be able to tell that he's a little boy! Haha. I cried happy tears when I found out.

I think I would've been just as happy had he been a girl, but I was just so happy to finally know! I had been having a hard time picturing the baby as an actual part of our family, and once I knew he was a boy it was like I was finally able to actually picture it in my head, and the picture was so lovely that I just cried! Definitely worth finding out four weeks earlier than planned!

We invited our families over for dinner that night (we have everyone over semi-often, so no one suspected anything), and we surprised them with the news. We decorated the kitchen, used "It's a boy" plates and napkins, and dressed in all blue with little "It's a boy" buttons.







Everyone was so excited! Oddly enough, everyone showed up wearing either blue or black/white. It's like they subconsciously knew or something!

With my parents and sister (my other sister was out of town).

With Jeff's dad, brothers and our soon-to-be sister-in-law (Jeff's mom was out of town). 

So exciting! Haha.

We are just totally thrilled, and we can't wait to meet our little boy! 


  1. So excited for you guys! Similar thing happened with us at an ultrasound (after we already knew gender). Our doctor turned on the monitor, put the gel on my belly and placed the probe to start. She immediately took it off and said "you know gender right?!" and when we told her yes she put the probe back in the same place just to see his little tush and all the goods perfectly positioned like he was mooning us! Silly little boys!

  2. I love the impromptu dinner to tell your families. Such a cute idea!