Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Trimester Recap

So I'm officially 19 weeks pregnant as of Thursday (and I absolutely cannot believe that we're already almost halfway done with this pregnancy)! I do want to go back and document the early stages though, not with tons of detail, but just to have a record of what those first few months were like! I've been jotting down little notes each week in a notebook in my purse, so here are weeks 4 through 12 of being pregnant with our first child!

Week 4:
I got a super-faint pregnancy test postive on April 25, but I didn't want to tell Jeff yet since it wasn't very clear. We went out that night for appetizers and pizza on Lake Houston, and the next morning I got a very clear positive pregnancy test and shared the news with Jeff! We were so excited, and it was so hard to keep the news quiet at a wedding with Jeff's family that afternoon! We saw my family and grandparents the next day and managed not to tell just yet! Only symptoms so far = being SO thirsty all the time! I ended the week with a quick visit to the doctor to confirm.


Week 5:
So tired, so thirsty. Got the blood test results from the doctor - officially pregnant! I threw up for the first time on my way to work one morning, but I did manage to get off the highway and make it to a shady gas station bathroom, haha. I took a trip to Dallas with my mom for a cousin's first Communion... four hours in a car with my mom each way, and I somehow managed not to tell her! SO hard!

Week 6:
Still feeling tired, thirsty, and nauseous. We told our parents and my sisters on Mother's Day and were so happy to finally share our secret! Jeff got me a card and a necklace for my first Mother's Day!

Every Texas baby needs a Whataburger onesie!

Week 7:
I slept SO MUCH this week. I pretty much spent the whole weekend in bed! We told Jeff's siblings, and they were very excited! I had a fainting episode at church, complete with loss of vision and hearing... pretty scary, but it was just because my blood pressure was too low. The doctor said to stop taking the medication that I'd been on for high blood pressure.



Week 8:
So sick. So tired. Living on Preggie Pop drops, saltine crackers and Sprite. I'm worried that people at work will notice all the crackers on my desk and figure it out! We're counting down the days until our first real doctor's appointment... can't wait to see the baby on the ultrasound! I worry all the time about the baby and just hope he or she is healthy and happy in there!

Week 9:
I had to order a bridesmaid dress this week for a wedding in September... they had me try the dress on with a fake pregnancy belly pillow! So funny to see what I'll look like in a few months!


I think I'm definitely starting to notice a little baby bump! Still so sick and so sleepy. We've told a few close friends because we just can't keep the news to ourselves! We celebrated my birthday and my parents and in-laws gave me maternity clothes. I definitely don't need them yet, but I'm looking forward to when I do!



Week 10:
Oh my goodness. So sick. I switched to gummy prenatal vitamins because I couldn't keep the pills down, and I think that's helping a little. I'm less tired than I've been, but the nausea is so awful.

Week 11:
I bought Jeff his first Father's Day gift and card. So exciting! I gave him tickets to Little Mermaid, the musical, and made reservations for dinner at Artista, so we got a nice little date night out of it too! I've been feeling so sick and tired all the time, so it was good to have a reason to actually get dressed up and leave the house.



We told our extended families on Father's Day, which was a bright spot of fun and excitement amidst a lot of vomiting and unpleasantness. At least I know the baby's doing okay in there! I threw up in front of my whole family. That was fun. I'm getting heartburn now too. I didn't know what it was at first because I've never had heartburn before in my life! Round-the-clock Tums seems to be helping.



Week 12:
We finally had our first doctor's appointment! We got to see the baby on the ultrasound, and it was moving around so much! Baby's little heart was beating away at 165 bpm. We were amazed at how much the baby looked like a baby - we were expecting just a little blob!


I've gained three pounds so far, and my official due date is January 8th. The heartburn and vomiting are still going strong, but the doctor gave me a few things to try.

Still just a little bump, but definitely there! This was in the morning before we went in for the ultrasound.

We considered doing an "Our family is growing by two feet!" pregnancy announcement for the blog and Facebook, but decided against it in the end because we couldn't find gender-neutral baby shoes (these blue ones were the best we could do!). Still pretty cute though, I think. :)

Belly Progression Photos:



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