Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cinco Leches Cake

So this is a recipe for tres leches ("three milks") cake, but it actually requires not three, but five different milks/creams, so we've been calling it "cinco leches" cake around here! There must be some correlation between the number of milks and the deliciousness of the cake though, because this cake is just absolutely delightful!


Recipe from my coworker, Marisol.

1 box yellow cake mix
3 large eggs
1 cup milk
1/3 cup softened butter
Milk Mixture:
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk
1 can (7.6 oz) Nestle table cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
16 oz heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp sugar

1. Follow directions on the box to make the cake in a 9x13 pan, but use milk instead of water.
2. When the cake has cooled, use an ice pick or meat thermometer to poke little holes all over the cake. The more holes the better!
3. Mix all of the milk mixture ingredients together in a blender. Pour or spoon the mixture all over the cake slowly, allowing it to soak into the holes. Refrigerate the cake.
4. Mix heavy whipping cream in a stand mixer on medium speed. Add vanilla extract and sugar and beat on high until stiff peaks form. Spread whipped cream generously on top of the cake.

Cake with MANY holes. The more holes the better!

This is what the canned milks/creams look like. You might have to look in the Mexican foods section for the "table cream."

(milk mixture)

(after pouring the milk mixture on)

(whipped cream topping!)



Sunday, June 22, 2014

Craft Room "After" Photos!

I know I've been gone from the blog for SO long. Things got busy at work, and then I just sort of got out of the habit of posting, but I'd like to start again! So I figured I'd start with a post I've been promising to get to for a looooong time... a photo tour of my craft room/office! Here's what we started with, and last time I showed it to you it was looking like this. But we've come a LONG way, and I think it's now as done as it will ever be (no room in our house is ever safe from my continuous tweaking and shifting things around!).

So, here it is!


The paint is Valspar flat paint, color-matched to Behr's "French Silver."



The sofa is IKEA's Ektorp in "Tullinge lilac," and I LOVE it. We bought it during a big sofa sale, and it's such a versatile piece of furniture (with so many slipcover options) that I think we'll be able to continue using it for a very long time. I took many a nap on that sofa while studying for the Bar exam, and it's pretty comfy!


I truly adore this chandelier. It's IKEA's "Soder" chandelier, and Jeff's parents bought it for me as a birthday gift.


The coffee table is from IKEA's Liatorp collection, but we found it on Craigslist and got a great deal! I love the big, flat top for things like cutting fabric and wrapping presents. I found four brown woven baskets at Target that fit perfectly underneath, and they hold (1) gift bags, tissue paper, and bows, (2) scrapbooking supplies, (3) all of my ribbon, and (4) all of my adhesive-type stuff (glue gun, various glues, acid free scrapbooking tape, etc.).


The drawer in the table is divided into four parts that are perfectly sized for holding 12x12 scrapbook paper and cardstock!


The pillows on the sofa are one of my favorite parts of the room. I made them all using my envelope pillow cover tutorial and fabric from Premier Prints (via Fabric.com). The fabrics are "Chipper Twill Storm," "Barber Twill Storm/Wisteria," and "Dyed Solid Storm."


The little wall to the right of the sofa has three wall vases from CB2 (a Christmas gift from my parents) with some silk flowers.


Above the sofa, I hung a piece of twine across the wall and added a bunch of tiny clothespins. I use as an inspiration-board type thing, and swap out what's hanging on it whenever I find something that makes me smile.


I made little felt flowers to decorate the ends and middle of the twine.





The desk is also from IKEA's Liatorp collection (and also purchased via Craigslist). We bought a set of four wooden chairs for $40 once at the furniture auction we go to, and I painted one white and recovered the seat in the same gray fabric as the sofa pillows to go with the desk.


We found this antique tea cart at the furniture auction too, and it fits our printer perfectly! I added a lamp that I found on clearance at Target to the top.


I found these little purple polka dot vases 60% off at a cute little home furnishings store on South Padre Island, and I know they had to come home with me! Now they sit on the bottom shelf of the tea cart, and the little one holds all my scissors.


I've had these frames for over ten years... I bought them in high school to go in my bedroom, and they've been with me ever since! I re-did the mats and added a bunch of black-and-white photos from momentous occasions in my life (college graduation, high school graduation, our wedding, the night we got engaged, my sorority initiation, the time I went skydiving, etc.). I'm horrible at updating photos in frames, so I figured I'd use some "special occasion" ones that I won't get tired of.


The wall of white frames above the desk is another one of my favorite parts of the room. I had such fun gathering things to hang, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out!




On my desk: a thread spool holder, my sewing machine, tiny silver lamp (I bought it for my freshman dorm room, and I've loved it ever since!), a little vase full of Sharpies, ampersand art from Katie Daisy, a 5-minute sand timer, and a milk glass owl (something Jeff's grandma had for a long time and gave to me recently!).




(Wrapping paper background + DIY felt flowers)







The little nook by the window may eventually have another desk with a computer keyboard, mouse, and a couple monitors (working from home on my laptop is a little annoying without the hardware set-up that I have at the office), but for now, it's just a little bookshelf and a couple refinished chairs from the furniture auction (seats covered in Premier Prints' Amsterdam Twill Storm).


The solid purple curtains are from IKEA (I like that their curtains are super long), but they still don't quite reach to the ground. Eventually I'd like to add some little white/lace ruffles to the bottom.



I found the green ampersand at Goodwill (best. find. ever.) and the little trio of vases at World Market.

The the right of the window, I have a corkboard that holds my patterned scissors and a little cabinet (that used to be in my room as a little girl!) holding office supplies (glue sticks, thumbtacks, white out, tape, erasers, staples, etc.).


My third favorite part of the room: these bookcases! They're also IKEA Liatorp (but we splurged and purchased these from the real store, not Craigslist. Haha!). They're really sturdy and wonderful, and I hope we'll be able to use them for a really long time. I can see these working in future playrooms, kids' rooms, etc. long after this room is gone, so I'm really excited about them.


To the left of the bookshelves, I have a purple magazine holder from HomeGoods.


To the right of the bookshelves, I have a little basket from HomeGoods that holds wrapping paper.


On top of the bookcase: coral from Pottery Barn, a little mercury glass owl from HomeGoods, and a faux plant from Ikea.


On the other side, there's a Mary statue that my grandma brought back from Fatima, a little monogram art, a candle, and a reed diffuser.


I stole the white wooden mirror from one of our guest rooms and put it in here, then layered a couple of floral prints from Target on top.


I love bookshelf shelves. The possibilities are endless with what to put on them! 


(shoeboxes covered in contact paper and craft paper)




So that's the craft room! It's my happy place, and it's my favorite room in the house (although, once I finish our master bedroom re-do, I think it might be bumped to second place). What do y'all think?