Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easy DIY Framed Corkboard

Y'all. My craft room/office is done! I mean... no room in our house is ever really done (I'm constantly tweaking things and changes up various items of home decor), but it's as done as it'll ever be, I think! 

I still need to go through the photos of it before I do a whole post on the craft room, so for now I'll just share a little DIY project from that room - a framed corkboard. This is one of those little projects that's super simple and easily finished in under an hour (my kind of DIY project!). 


I started with an open wall frame from Hobby Lobby:


Then, I cut a corkboard square to fit inside. You can buy corkboard squares or corkboard rolls (if your frame is bigger) at craft stores. I just cut it with a sharp pair of scissors - it doesn't matter if it isn't exactly even because the frame with cover the edges.


I covered that with a piece of cardboard (to make it nice and sturdy):


Then you just have to tape all the edges so it's nice and secure, and hang it on the wall!


I like to keep little Bible verse cards and a little burlap flower on mine!


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