Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

I'm only oh... over a month behind on blogging about Valentine's Day. Haha. But I have to document it anyway, right? We were never big Valentine's Day celebraters before we got married (mostly because we were long-distance dating and not ever in the same place, I think), but over the past few years we've really enjoyed doing something special for the 14th of February. We don't do really expensive gifts or meals or anything, but we try to just do something sweet and use it as an excuse to spend some quality time together.

First of all, a few little house decorations:




I ended up stuck at work late on Valentine's Day, but when I finally got home Jeff surprised me with a really sweet card, tulips (my favorite!), and chocolate covered sunflower seeds (another favorite).


The tulips were still attached to the bulbs and in a special vase that keeps the bulbs and roots growing, so they bloomed beautiful red flowers for weeks! Jeff also gave me a little gift - a heated blanket! It sounds like a silly gift, but it was actually really sweet. I had been complaining about how I get so cold at night when he's out of town for work, so he bought me the blanket to solve the problem and make me miss him a little less when he's on business trips. I gave Jeff Little Mermaid on Blu-Ray (he's collecting all the Disney classics as they come out on Blu-Ray).

We went out to dinner a couple days after Valentine's Day (once the deal I'd been working on day-and-night on finally closed) at our favorite little Mexican restaurant. Mmm, enchiladas! :)

I look pretty tired, huh? You can tell I'd been working really long hours for a few days.

So that was Valentine's Day 2014! Nothing spectacular, but lovely nonetheless. :)

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