Monday, March 10, 2014

A Year of Holiday Printables!

When my little sister was moving to New York, we wanted to give her something sweet that she could take with her to make NYC feel a little more like home. It had to be something fun and something that could easily travel in a suitcase without taking up much space. After extensive Googling and Pinteresting, I ended up putting together a little frame and a set of seasonal/holiday prints that she can change out throughout the year!


I put the first print in the frame, and included the rest in a cute little folder. The frame is an 8x10, but there's a mat in it for 5x7 pictures, so some of the prints are 5x7 and some are 8x10. I figured it was good to mix it up a little!

I thought I'd share all the prints I used (and links for where you can download them) in case any of you need a simple-and-inexpensive gift idea (or just need a little more holiday cheer in your life!). Here they are, all laid out on my craft room floor:


Most of the prints are holiday-related, but I included a handful of generic cute prints for the time periods in between the various holidays. Starting with January 1st, here are all the prints I used in chronological order! 


hny 2014 2
Happy New Year - from My Fabuless Life (free!)


love you green pink horizontal
Love You - from My Fabuless Life (free!)

XOXO - from Less Cake More Frosting (free!)

She Believed She Could, So She Did - from Jones Design Company (received as part of my Paper Works subscription)


word shamrockgreen
Shamrock - from Blooming Homestead (free!)

Spring Bunny - from Craftily Ever After (free!)


Hosanna blue
Hosanna - from Mostly Homemade Mom (free!)

April Showers Bring may Flowers - from Jones Design Company (free!)


grateful damask wm
Today I Am Grateful - from My Fabuless Life (free!)


Filled with Joy - from Jones Design Company ($14.99)


free 4th of july printable
Land That I Love - from My Fabuless Life (free!)


bird with a french fry pink
Happier than a Bird with a French Fry - from My Fabuless Life (free!)


Fall is Fabulous - from The TomKat Studio (free!)


free halloween printable
Happy Halloween - from Whipperberry (and cropped by me) (free!)


give thanks mustard
Give Thanks - from My Fabuless Life (free!)


Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Santa Claus is Coming to Town - from My Fabuless Life (free!)

christmas printable gold wm
Glory to the Newborn King - from My Fabuless Life (free!)

Isn't it lovely that there are so many talented artists sharing their work for free on their blogs? I'm about the print the fun shamrock one to put out for St. Patrick's Day! I hope y'all enjoy these prints!