Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things I Never Blogged About - Part 1

It's no secret that this blog hasn't been updated super-frequently since I started work last September. It turns out that BigLaw lawyering kind of takes over your life. I experienced my first "all nighter" at work last week (and it came after a string of nights including a Saturday and a Sunday and a President's Day that weren't technically all nighters but were well-after-midnight nights, so basically... totally exhausting).

Jeff and I are trying to balance everything and I think we're doing pretty well (Jeff is becoming quite the chef lately!), but the blog seems to have fallen pretty low on our priority list and it just doesn't get updated like it used to.

But there are so many things I do want to document and share, so I'm going to try to do a little series of catch-up posts, starting with three special events from over a month ago!

New Year's Eve
We hosted our third New Year's Eve party! It ended up being a really eclectic group of people (friends from church, neighbors, our siblings, friends of our siblings, my coworkers, Jeff's coworkers, etc.), and it was really fun!


While I was in law school I was accumulating reward points with a legal research website I used a lot (I had a free membership as a student), and right before I graduated I spent all my accumulated points on the best thing I could find in their little point redemption store — a chocolate fountain! We broke it in on New Year's Eve with some dark chocolate - yum!


It was a fun night!


Tim & Emily's Engagement
A few days into 2014, Jeff's little brother Tim proposed to his girlfriend Emily! They've been together since high school, and we are SO excited for them to finally be married!


I'm particularly excited that I'll officially have a sister-in-law soon! Emily and I were friends even before she started dating Tim, and she's just the sweetest, and I am SO excited!

Beautiful, right?!?!

Jeff, Matt (Jeff's other little brother), and I were out celebrating my sister's birthday the night Tim proposed, so we were waiting for the phone to ring all night. When it finally did ring, we could hardly hear them because the bar was so loud, so we sent them this picture to make sure they knew how excited we were:

I wish it wasn't blurry (iPhones don't focus too well in the dark), but I kind of love it anyway.

We can't wait for their wedding next December! 

Julianne & Ben's Wedding
Also in January, my cousin Julianne got married! The wedding was so fun, and it was really great to get to spend some time with my grandparents and extended family. I wish we had a family wedding at least once a year!

All dressed up!

My grandparents, great aunts, sisters, and parents!

Such a pretty dress, right?!

(with my parents and sisters)

(my Gran and Grandpa)

So now I'm only... oh six weeks or so behind on the blog? Slow and steady. :)

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  1. The chocolate fountain is a solid investment. Wise choice.