Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kristen's Graduation

My little sister, Kristen, graduated from college last August, but she had to wait until December to actually walk across the stage. We all went to Fort Worth for the graduation, and it was such a special time celebrating Kristen!

A few photos of my sweet sister, whom I am SO immensely proud of...





Here's one of Jeff and me with both of my sisters...


...and one of the whole family!


The graduation was really nice and not too long (a nice benefit of graduating from a private school rather than somewhere ginormous like A&M... haha). Kristen looked so happy through the whole thing, which was really fun to watch.



It was a bittersweet day for me because Kristen's moving to New York in just a few short weeks to pursue her dance career. We've never been anywhere close to that far apart (we both went to college in Texas), so it feels a bit like the end of an era and a bit like I'm sort of losing my best friend. I'm so excited for her to chase her dreams and do amazing things though! I guess I'll just have to take a few trips to NYC! ;o)

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  1. Your pictures turned out awesome! You're really working that new camera! One day I'll finally learn how to shoot in manual...

    Wow, New York City! What an adventure!