Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Year's Christmas Decor

I never got around to posting photos of our Christmas decor last year, and since I probably won't be on top of it this year either, I figured I'd go ahead and post last year's pictures to start with! These were all pre-DSLR camera and pre-lots of house changes, but I still think they're festive and fun. :) Here's Christmas 2012, starting with the outside of the house...

Last year was the last time for our old Christmas tree. We bought a bigger, taller one for this year, so these are the last photos of our little tree! 

The kitchen (this was before we got our new kitchen table and chairs)...

Love that DIY Advent wreath

Hallway decor...

(our "Charlie Brown" tree... haha!)

Those wreaths were new last year - I found them on clearance at Lowe's.

The piano room...

The entryway...

The dining room...

The powder room...

The living room...

Our Christmas card garland! 

The nativity scene and reindeer on the entertainment center!

Jeff's DIY snowman from kindergarten! 

We used to hang our stockings at the foot of our bed, England-style. But our new bedroom furniture doesn't include a footboard, so last year they went on the entertainment center. Not perfect, but it works!

Our Christmas card album and I Spy Christmas

That's it! Merry Christmas!


  1. Love the d├ęcor. We found a really beautiful Nativity Advent wreath at Hobby Lobby. Your house is so nice!

  2. I love tht you used a cake plate with candles for the center piece of your table! So pretty!


  3. Love all the decorations!! I hope to do a post with all of ours soon!!