Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Five Things

I've got a big Five Things list today! A few of these probably could've warranted their own post, but I'm so behind on blogging that I figured I'd just knock them all out in one day!

1. Regarding my sister, Kristen, the dancer... 
I have two amazing little sisters. One of them just graduated from college with TWO degrees (one in dance, one in business - she's a rock star!), and she had her first professional dance performance just recently with a dance company here in Houston! A bunch of our family (including Jeff's brother - not sure how we dragged him to that!) went to it, and she did so well (of course)!

Jeff, Kristen, and Jeff's brother Matt

Me with my sweet dancer sister! 

We are so, so proud of her. She's braver than I ever could hope to be, and she follows her dreams even when it isn't easy. We love you, Kristen!

2. Regarding the Houston Dynamo...
It's tough being a sports fan in Houston. Our football team is horrible. Our baseball team is horrible. Our basketball team isn't so horrible, but this is the south, and we don't really care much about basketball around here. We also don't typically care much about soccer, but our MLS team (the Dynamo) is actually really good, and it turns out that going to their games is SO MUCH FUN! Their season's over now, but before it ended we went to a game and it was just as fun as last time we went!



Fun fact: you can see my office from the stadium. My office window faces directly that way, and it's pretty close, so you can sit in the soccer stadium and go "look, there's my window right there... looks like the guy in the office next to me still has his light on... he must be working late tonight..." Not particularly great for when you're trying to leave work behind and have fun for a bit. Haha! Maybe next time we'll sit on the other side of the stadium. :)

3. Regarding shopping for furniture...
A few weeks ago I came home from work (very late) on a Friday after a particularly rough week, and I told Jeff I just wanted to go out and spend some of my hard-earned paycheck and reap the benefits of the super-long hours I'd been working all week. So we got the idea in our heads that we should do something we've been talking about for a while and move most of our living room furniture upstairs to the (currently mostly empty) game room, and buy new stuff for our living room. So we spent a weekend shopping for furniture. We went just about everywhere in Houston that sells furniture. We're kind of super picky.

In the end, we were pretty settled on this sofa, this rug, and this cabinet (all excellent options, if you're in the market for furniture). But then we went home and thought about it, and I got over how rough of a week the previous week was, and we eventually decided that if we're going to have kids any time in the relatively near future, it's probably not smart to have a bunch of brand new expensive stuff in the living room. And we decided that the game room could probably just stay empty until it one day becomes a playroom or something. We totally talked ourselves out of the whole thing (we're not very good at being impulsive... haha).

So all that furniture shopping was kind of a total waste, but we had a lot of fun looking around together. Jeff is just so fun to hang out with, and there's a whole lot of funny furniture out there, like these giant chairs:


I mean... really... who would pay $1000 a piece for those?

No offense if you own those chairs.

Actually, if you own those chairs - please, please send me a photo. I truly hope you have them sitting at opposite ends of a very, very long dining room table.

4. Regarding our first actual homeowner maintenance issue...

We've been living in our house for two and a half years now (Does it seem like that FLEW by to you? Because it does to us!). So far, we've been really blessed to have basically no maintenance issues/expenses aside from the regular upkeep-type stuff. When we bought the house, we bought a brand new home in hopes of keeping the maintenance issues to a minimum, but we figured there would definitely be occasional things to deal with, so we've been continually surprised that we've never had to do anything to the house besides things like changing air filters and spraying for bugs and cosmetic updates.

Of course, when you're two and a half years into owning a home and nothing has ever really broken or whatever, you're overdue. But that didn't stop us from freaking out a little when I filled up the tub the other day and it looked like this:

After some investigative water-running all around the house, we determined that all of our hot water was coming out brown-colored. So we called both of our dads, and they were both like "umm, sounds like you need to flush the hot water heater" and we were like "do you know how to do that?" and they were both like "I've never done it before!"

But thanks to our Googling skills and our dads' reassurance (aren't dads great?), we did successfully drain and flush out the hot water heater, and I've never been so glad to see a tub full of water looking like this:


That was a few weeks ago, and it's still coming out clear, which (we think) means it was just an issue of sediments and stuff in the water heater, and not an issue of needing a new water heater because ours is rusty, which is great!

Overall, it was a pretty simple fix, so we're still very happy with our well-behaved house! Oh, and if your tub ever looks gross like that, feel free to give me a call because I know just how to fix it!

5. Regarding Washington, D.C...

I had to go to DC for a while for work in November, and while I was there I was able to see some of the things Jeff and I missed while we were in DC in 2011

Space Shuttle Discovery at the Udvar-Hazy Center

The Enola Gay at the Udvar-Hazy Center

The Capitol (I did see it with Jeff, but it just looked so pretty with the fall leaves!)

Jefferson Monument

Jefferson Monument

FDR Memorial

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 9.08.44 PM
Me with Fala, FDR's dog! 

MLK Monument

Washington Monument, complete with scaffolding! Haha. 

Me by the White House! 

I left DC in 2011 without getting a photo by the White House, so that was basically my #1 goal for the trip (besides, you know, getting work stuff done... haha). White House photo - check! 

I also got to see plenty of pretty fall leaves in DC (something we don't have a lot of here in Houston). It was the perfect time of year to go there (well, except for cherry blossom season!). 



That's it for today! Sisters, brown water, soccer, ugly chairs, and our nation's capital. Can someone please buy that Bassett sofa? It's seriously the best.

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  1. Eek about your bath water! And seriously, those chairs?!? Congrats to your sister, that's so cool!