Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Card Garland

I love Christmas cards. I love opening the mailbox to find Christmas greetings from our friends and family. I love seeing the faces of people that are far away, and I just love how even if we can't actually see them for the holidays, we can still share some holiday spirit through Christmas cards. 

But there's always the question of what to do with the Christmas cards. Sticking them up on the fridge is great until you run out of space, and making a little book for the coffee table is a lovely idea, but we already have our family Christmas card album on the coffee table. 

When we moved into the house two years ago, I came up with a solution that I love for displaying our Christmas cards - hanging them on a garland along the windowsills! 

When the Christmas cards start arriving, I put two Command strip hooks on each windowsill, then attach the garland to the hooks with a little dark green ribbon. 

We punch a hole in the top of each Christmas card and then use wire ornament hooks to hang them on the garland.

I really like this solution for the Christmas cards... we can keep all our favorite people in the living room with us all season long!

What do y'all do with your Christmas cards? I know there are a lot of great ideas out there! 


  1. I love this idea! We have a semi wall that separates our kitchen and dining areas and I think a garland would go perfectly there! Thanks for this great idea!

  2. I just hung garland on our banister to hang Christmas cards from. Great minds think alike :-)