Saturday, November 23, 2013

What We've Been Up To

I've been working for about two and a half months now, and Jeff and I are finally starting to really adjust to this new way of life (Jeff keeps calling it our "DINKY phase," but I really hate the sound of that acronym for some reason!). I have more "free time" now than I did in law school, but it often doesn't feel like it because now I have about 0% control over when that free time occurs. I work longer hours than Jeff generally, and I also end up working nights and weekends pretty often, so our typical pattern of "Katie does the cooking and cleaning" definitely went out the window.

It's been an adjustment, but I think we're finally feeling some sense of "normal" again. Or, as normal as life with one demanding job involving a large amount of travel (Jeff) and one VERY demanding job involving a smaller amount of travel (me) gets. Let me tell you though - having an entire weekend free from work (even if that only happens once a month) and totally without "law school guilt" (aka constantly feeling guilty that you're not studying when you're doing anything except studying) is AMAZING. And actually working and doing something is a zillion times more fulfilling and enjoyable for me than law school ever was. I'm loving it.




Sometimes when I fly for work I take photos of clouds. Haha!

On top of all the changes with my job, Jeff changed jobs as well a few weeks ago (same company, just a new position). His new job requires regular trips to Africa, which has been really exciting for him, but it makes our life a little more crazy. It's been kind of funny... we do things like leave each other notes in the kitchen and say things like "well, I'll say hello to your car when I park mine at the airport!"

But overall, we just feel really blessed that we have two stable jobs that allow us to use our degrees and provide for our family so well financially. It's definitely not something we take for granted, and even though we sometimes complain about the travel or the long hours, most days we just feel like God has given us some pretty amazing blessings.

Anyway, I know I've been horrible at blogging, but I have a few yummy recipes to share and I want to write about the day I passed the Bar exam and a few other things (and I just realized I never blogged about our third anniversary, which was all the way back in JULY... oops), so I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things!

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