Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last Year's Fall Decor

I never got around to blogging about my fall house decor last fall (it was a busy semester!), but I did take photos, so I figured I'd kick off this year's fall with last year's photos!

The dining room is always one of my favorite places to decorate for fall. The combination of dark wood furniture and natural light in there just makes it perfect for fall decorating!

I created a centerpiece out of some candleholders, a wooden "FALL" decoration, and some things I purchased at the pumpkin patch!

Our everyday dishes, some clearance napkins from Bed Bath & Beyond, and some old Pier 1 napkin rings finished it off!

The wine unit got some fall flair as well...

I filled the Crate & Barrel tealight holders with fake fall leaves: 

The console table wasn't left out either:

I filled the piano room vase with mini gourds from Dollar Tree, and I switched the ivory candles over the piano for light orange ones:

The antique table in our entryway got a little fall arrangement as well...

A little pumpkin candy jar got put in the kitchen...

The living room got a few little fall touches on the entertainment center...

And on the powder room door...

Of course, I put my fall wreath on the front door:

I made a small little arrangement with leftover flowers from the wreath, and it ended up in the powder room:

I tend to change up my holiday decorations every year, so it'll be interesting to see where all these things end up this time around!

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