Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Little Update

Okay, time for a life update! I know I've been pretty bad about posting ever since I started work but we're still adjusting to life with two demanding jobs. I generally work a lot later than Jeff, so he's been taking on a substantial portion of the cooking dinner duties during the week which is definitely a change. He starts his new position on Monday though, so who knows what will happen then!

Work is going well. It's keeping me busy, but I actually have considerably more free time than I did when I was in law school (just a lot less control over when it happens). Fall is finally starting to reach Houston, which means it's convertible weather and fall decorations weather and pumpkin baking weather, so I'm a happy camper! I'm so looking forward to enjoying a holiday season during which I don't have to study for finals… It's going to be so wonderful!

Bar exam results are supposed to come out tomorrow afternoon… and they get posted on the Internet for everyone to see. So, you know, if you know me in real life and know my last name and everything feel free to look it up tomorrow (around 2 PM?). We have no idea exactly what time they'll be posted, which means all of the first-year associates in my office will have our fingers on that refresh button all morning. Should be a productive day. I wouldn't say I'm worried about it… more like cautiously optimistic. But it's kind of really important, and I'd so appreciate it if you said a prayer or two for me between now and then. I just really want to have the whole thing over with and behind me!

I'll be sure to post tomorrow and update you once I get the bar results (or not… if I fail I'm probably not going to want to talk about it…), and I hope to be back to some sort of regular blogging schedule soon!


  1. Eek-- so soon! I'm sure you passed though! And yes-- the first holiday season after law school with zero studying is amazing. :)

  2. Good luck!! Prayers headed your way!!