Monday, July 15, 2013

SimplyBridal Jewelry Giveaway!

Y'all know I love chatting about weddings. I don't get to do it that often anymore now that we're coming up on our third anniversary (time flies!), but I will always love dresses, flowers, cakes, ceremonies, and personal touches! The creativity, personality, and love that goes into each wedding is so special (not to mention the profound sacrament of marriage!). 

Today I have a giveaway for you from, a website that specializes in reasonably priced wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories! I had such fun perusing their website... they have so many adorable things at such great prices!

Obviously I can't vouch for the actual in-person quality of their stuff, but with free returns, it's definitely worth a try because there are so many cute things! Here are a few of my favorite wedding dresses from their website:


See? Pretty stuff, right? But since I obviously already did the whole wedding dress thing, my new favorite thing to look at is bridesmaid dresses! Y'all. I love love love being a bridesmaid. In some ways I think it's more fun than being a bride. I mean, the whole getting married part of being a bride is amazing, but once you get past that and you have to be the center of attention all evening? It's just hard to relax. 

When you're being a bridesmaid, you don't have to be worried about how you look in photos, or stress about making sure you say hello to everyone at the reception, or worry that you might throw the bouquet into the chandelier on accident, or wonder if you look awkward during the big first dance. Instead you just get to support your dear friend and be blissfully happy for someone else, and I love that. I love fastening shoe buckles and carrying extra lip gloss and squealing over the wedding dress and planning showers and toasting the bride and groom and meeting extended family. I love it. I'd do it over and over again even without the pretty dresses, but I do love the pretty dresses too. :) Speaking of pretty bridesmaid dresses, how adorable are these?


That bottom right one? I want it. 

Anyway, so has some lovely dresses. They also have a selection of veils (many under $30, which is so refreshing after seeing veil after veil priced at $250 in bridal shops!) and jewelry. 


One of you will get to win a piece of your choice from the SimplyBridal jewelry collection! Personally, I think the little coin pearl bracelets are really cute, or maybe the lariat necklaces, but you can pick whichever piece your heart desires! Enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter! 

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  1. Ah this is adorable! My favorite part of being a bridesmaid is getting to witness my friends' love for one another and knowing they trust me enough to be a part of their sacrament.

  2. probably one of the pearl earrings.

  3. I like the 32" White Shell Pearl Necklace with Silver Rhinestone Clasp.

  4. the pearl necklace is really pretty.

  5. Probably the pearl necklace