Monday, July 1, 2013

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

After tackling my bathroom sink area, I was inspired to give the kitchen sink area a little attention too! 

About half an hour of work turned this...


Into this!


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Just like with the bathroom, Step One was to pull everything out and clean out the cabinet.


When I did this, I made an amazing discovery - there's a whole bunch of extra space on the right side!


It's absolutely ridiculous that I've lived in this house for two years and didn't know there was space back there, but I always thought the cabinet ended just to the right of the door, just like the left side. But really there's another 18" of width on the right side! Crazy. I was SO excited! Haha!

Heavy duty shelf liner gave me a nice blank slate...


After having so much success with Bed Bath & Beyond's mesh shelves in the baking pan cabinet and under my sink, I bought another set for this cabinet.


The trash can went back in on the right, but behind it I put our fridge water filters and granite sealant. We only use those things every 6-12 months, so they can be in a spot that's not easy to access.


Under the far left shelf in the back, I put neem oil (I use this as a healthy pesticide for my basil plants) and denture cleaning tablets (used to clean vases with small necks). Again, those things don't get used often, so they can be toward the back.

These containers from Target are the best!

In front of that are our extra sponges!


On top of the left shelf I keep the dishwashing detergent, granite cleaner, and extra dish soap (in the back).


The right side has moist Swiffer wipes underneath, and all of my houseplant-care items on top (y'all know how I love my houseplants!).



I keep most of my cleaning supplies in the laundry room, but a few kitchen-specific ones got tucked between the shelves:


And just like that, it was done! Now everything is clear and easy to access, and I love it!



  1. I have been loving all of these organizing posts lately, Katie! I think you've inspired me to start a series of my own!

  2. Wow, This is just brilliant. You did it like an expert. I can't wait to do the same think on my kitchen. Can I ask you what is the size of your under the kitchen sink box? Thanks in advance for giving me the information.