Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Master Bedroom, Take Two

We're slowly, slowly inching toward getting our master bedroom done. Like a couple of elderly turtles. 

Remember how last time we painted the bedroom we accidentally did it with the wrong sheen? It was both of our faults... Jeff asked me which sheen to get, and I said "whatever the craft room is" and he said "I think it's eggshell," and I said "sounds right to me." But in actuality the craft room (and the entire rest of our house, with the exception of the powder room and laundry room) is all done in flat paint. Oops.

So our bedroom was looking like the shiny ugly duckling of the house. I tried to live with it and I couldn't. So we repainted with flat paint (same color). It was such a pain to re-do the dropcloths and tape and everything though... we'll never make that mistake again! 



We accidentally missed a little strip in one corner that I still need to go back and cover, but it's kind of convenient that I missed it because you can see the difference between the two sheens of paint (flat on the wall; eggshell on the strip by the corner):



It doesn't look like a huge difference with just that little strip, but multiplied times the whole room, there was a whole lot of shiny going on. 

Just like last time, we skipped the part right near the ceiling because we're planning on doing crown molding there. You can see what a big difference it was from the builder-basic cream to the pretty gray-brown we have now! 



So that's where we're at with the bedroom. Paint done, furniture done, bedding done. Still trying to find time to hang stuff on the walls, install crown molding, and DIY some curtains! 

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