Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visiting Aunt Lucy

On the way home from our quick trip to the Hill Country and Colorado Bend State Park, we spent a day in San Antonio visiting Jeff's great aunt, Lucy. She recently moved to a retirement village in San Antonio, and she's been telling us to come see her new place, so we made the trip! 

Driving by Enchanted Rock on the way to San Antonio!

We spent the day touring her retirement village (it's so nice that I want to move there!) and hanging out at her cottage. Aunt Lucy had been telling me for a while that she had a set of china soup bowls she wanted to give me, but when we opened up the kitchen closet to get them out, she gave us a bunch of other special things as well! 

Aunt Lucy and I looking at some family heirloom placemats!

When we got home, I couldn't believe how many meaningful things she sent us home with:


Linens stitched by Jeff's great great grandmother as part of her wedding trousseau! 

Dessert dishes - one of Aunt Lucy's wedding gifts!

Antique soup bowls

Gold plated salt & pepper shakers - another of Aunt Lucy's wedding gifts!

Antique drink shaker

Beer glasses from an old Air Force officer's club

I love things that have family history behind them, so I took notes on all the stories Aunt Lucy told me about all these things and I was just so thankful that she wanted to give them to us! I got so excited over it all that I rearranged my entire china cabinet, so you can look forward to a blog post about that. Haha!

We had dinner that night with Aunt Lucy and Jeff's great uncle Charles and his wife. We went to a really great BBQ restaurant where we had fried ribs as an appetizer. Amazing! 

And then, we drove home to our little house and just like that, our quick Spring Break trip was over! 


  1. I love this post! I love, love, love inheriting things and hearing the stories behind them - those things are so special! Those soup bows are AMAZING.

    Where did you get your cardigan that you are wearing in the photo w/ Aunt Lucy? I adore it!

    1. I know, I can't wait to make some soup to go in them! Too bad soup season is over already in Texas! The cardigan is from Banana Republic's outlet store.