Monday, April 8, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend. It was very full and yet it also kind of feels like we did nothing. So strange.
One of my dearest friends got engaged on Thursday, so I've had a happy heart all weekend. I have a short little list of single girls (mostly good friends from college) that I pray for daily... I pray for them to find some perfect wonderful husbands who love them and appreciate all of their delightful qualities and and give them a real-life version of happily ever after. And now one of them has actually done it and there's a ring on her finger and hello, prayers answered! and that's just kind of awesome. I love it and I wish she was more of the obsess-over-wedding-plans type because I seriously need to live vicariously through someone else's wedding planning. But she's, you know, normal and rational and not obsessive, which is why she's a very, very good friend for me to have. Haha!

That's my dear newly-engaged friend next to me (second from the right) as a bridesmaid at our wedding. And now she's having a wedding of her own! And the one on the far left just had a baby! Where does time go?

On Friday we did bluebonnet photos (this is a thing in Texas). Our friend Thomas (who is new to Texas) is working on completing my Five Texas Musts list (Mexican food, cowboy boots, rodeo, bluebonnet photos, Alamo), and spring has brought the bluebonnets, so of course we all had to don our denim + white + boots and find a nice patch on the side of the highway and bring my fancy camera and the travel tripod and have some fun. 

Jeff looks like such a giant here! I should've stood on the higher-up part of the hill! 

Look at this, friends! Three years of marriage and we're still so in love that we end up with pictures that look like engagement photos. I wasn't even trying to show off the wedding ring! Haha.

Of course we got plenty photos of Thomas being a "real" Texan!


Silly friends. :)

Grass stains were had and the pretty flowers didn't do any good for my allergies (which I've never had before but for some reason do this year?), but it was oh so worth it for the pretty photos.

This is one of my favorite ever photos of Jeff and me. 

Thanks again, bluebonnets. See you next year!


On Saturday and Sunday I spent about 26 hours reading 2L casenotes and comments, and I'm happy to report that I have finished them all, which means I am officially DONE with Law Review. Forever. For. Ev. Er. This is a big, big deal, and I am so relieved. Now on to writing my Estate Planning paper and studying for finals and, you know, graduating (!!!).

While I was reading and editing and evaluating, Jeff was mulching the yard and fixing once-and-for-all a couple of the chairs in the craft room (sometimes when you buy things for $3.00 at furniture auctions they lack pieces of wood where pieces of wood should be). Oh, and he cleaned my car up real nice because we're kinda sorta toying with the idea of selling it and buying a new one and we're gonna take it to Carmax for a quote. And of course, because I'm absolutely insane, I stood in the garage and cried at the thought of disposing of the dear car that's been so faithful to me for the last seven years (because clearly if we sell it he'll end up being driven by a 16-year old irresponsible boy or a creeper who smokes and leaves trash in him, and how is that fair to my dear loyal Mazda?) and I had to leave the garage and go inside to pull myself together while Jeff shined him all up. I'm ridiculous.

While Jeff was cleaning out my car, he found my stash of HomeGoods purchases in my trunk. Let me explain. Last week, I bought some clothes and house decor stuff, but I told myself I wasn't allowed to get it out of my trunk until I had (1) finished reading the Law Review papers, (2) caught up on my Corporate Tax reading, and (3) started my Estate Planning paper. So there it sat. But Jeff found it and brought it all inside, which means now I'm not at all motivated to write that stupid Estate Planning paper, but there's a pretty new mirror in our bedroom. Home decor is way more important than good grades, right? 

One of my HomeGoods purchases was a gravy boat (because I realized we don't have one when I needed one for the dijon marsala sauce for Easter dinner, and it was only $7). As I was pulling all of my many HomeGoods purchases out of shopping bags, I was apologizing to Jeff that it sure seemed like I bought a bunch of stuff and was trying to hide it from him by keeping it all in the trunk of my car, and I was saying something like "you know, this is why you work so hard, so your silly wife can go purchase hundreds of dollars of stuff at HomeGoods and leave it in her car," and I looked up at him and he wasn't even listening to me. Instead, he had grabbed the gravy boat and was holding it over my head in a pouring motion making "glop swish glop" sounds as if he were pouring some sort of goo out of the gravy boat and onto my head. I laughed. A lot.

A few hours later I made some comment about how he tried to douse me in invisible gravy, and he informed me that he didn't try to douse me, he succeeded, and that I was still drenched in invisible goo and I better go take an invisible shower. Oh, how I love that man. He just makes me laugh. All the time. 

During some between-reading-papers breaks I somehow managed to click one link that led to another and so forth and then I accidentally discovered the world of Catholic mommy blogs. I'm not sure how I've been missing out on gems like this one and this one and this one and this one, but oh dear. They're hilarious and honest and wonderful, and now of course my uterus is screaming at me to hurry up and have some littles already because then I can be a Catholic mommy blogger too. But you know, there's the little issue of law school and the Bar exam and the job. Patience. 

This is the most random post ever. New cars, gravy boats, bluebonnets, engaged friends, and uteruses (uteri?). So sorry, but I'm just all over the place today! I hope you're all having a lovely Monday (if there is such a thing... don't we all just wish it was the weekend still?). 


  1. That last photo of you and Jeff is stunning! I see an 11x14 print being made at some point. :-) And aren't husbands who make you laugh the best kind? I wouldn't trade my goofy, hilarious husband for anything.

    Happy Monday, Katie.

  2. Claire told me that you should listen to your uterus, ha!

    Love the bluebonnet photos! You two will make some very cute babies one day!

  3. I would've been at the Alamo (well, San Antonio) this past weekend for a wedding if I hadn't needed to replace my brakes. Bummer. And I love bluebonnets in bloom. They're such beautiful flowers.

  4. Where did y'all find bluebonnets? My roommate and I live in the med center but have yet to spot any off the highways around here!

  5. I love the bluebonnets!! Somehow I'm never in Texas while they're in bloom though!