Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Master Bedroom Updates

Prior to yesterday, I went ten days without a blog post! Sort of a big break, huh? I don't really have an excuse, other than that I was trying to get ahead with law school and Law Review stuff enough for Jeff and I to squeeze in a three-day vacay (which I will, of course, tell you all about!). 

Anyway, I do have about a bajillion things to blog about, but we'll start with some bedroom updates... 

We painted it!


We love the color (Valspar's "Weekend in the Country"), but somehow we accidentally ended up with eggshell paint when we wanted flat, and the shiny-ness is driving me crazy, so we're going to have to repaint with flat. But the color's just what I wanted, so I figured I'd at least share the in-progress photos! For some reason it comes off lighter than it really is in photos (I think it's the light reflecting off the eggshell finish), but in person it's a lovely moody greige. It's so cozy! 


This next photo is probably the closest to what the color looks like in real life:


We left the few inches up against the ceiling unpainted because we're planning on installing crown molding. Plus it was SO much easier to not have to hand-paint the edge of that high ceiling!


You can really see the shiny sheen in that last photo... it's driving me crazy!

I love this color because it changes so much as the light changes. During the day with the blinds open, it's neutral and airy, but at night it becomes moodier and cozier. 


Also, we bought an adorable little chair for $199 at Tuesday Morning! It's petite enough to fit in the funny corner in the bedroom, and it's perfect for Jeff to sit on while he puts on his shoes in the morning. Win win. 


So that's where we're at right now. Paint on the walls that needs to be re-done, but making progress nonetheless! Curtains are probably the next step after we re-paint. We're the slowest room re-doers ever (we've been working on this since last summer!), but it's getting closer! Thoughts?
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  1. I love the color and the chair! Very nice.

  2. That's such a bummer that you have to repaint! It's looking really, really good in there though. Maybe I could just really use a nap, but your bed looks so inviting!