Friday, February 1, 2013

Things I Forgot to Write About

Oh boy... I've been a blog slacker. I was going through my photo files the other day and I just realized there was a lot of stuff in there that I just forgot to blog about. And since I use the blog as a scrapbook of sorts for us, I can't just leave things out! 

So - here they are - a couple things I forgot! 

My parents had a Cotton Bowl watch party when the Aggies played Oklahoma in January! My parents' house has a pretty cool media room, which is perfect for watch parties! 

My mom is the best hostess - I strive to be like her! She did a bunch of finger food stuff, and the guests all brought something as well, and I got to do the desserts (my favorite part!). 

Mom and my sister, Karoline

Snickers peanut butter cups & "maroon" velvet cupcakes! 

Of course, watching A&M (and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel!) beat Oklahoma was such fun! 

My dad organized a small-scale gambling game that involved no betting skill (and solely luck) - my sort of sports betting! Jeff and I put in $6 or so, and he won $10, so we went home with a little extra money! :) 

It was lots of fun to watch our Aggies win with lots of Aggie friends!

A few weeks ago we went to a local Houston brewery, Saint Arnold's. Saint Arnold's includes a few free drinks with their tour admission price, and they have a nice big area where you can just hang out, so it's a fun spot to meet friends and spend a Saturday afternoon. We brought Catchphrase, met some good friends there, and enjoyed ourselves very much! Here's Jeff and I on the tour of the brewery:

The brewery is named after Saint Arnold, the patron saint of brewers. Each of the big fermentation tanks is named after a different saint, which is kind of fun. We all ran around trying to find tanks with the same names as our friends (unfortunately, it's mostly male saints, so no Saint Catherine for me!). 

The brewery tour confirmed for me that I like wine and wineries MUCH better than beer and breweries. I mean... brewing is just kind of smelly and gross. Look at this unidentified substance coming out of one of the fermentation tanks (it smelled awful!):

I actually don't like beer. I guess it's an acquired taste, and I just never acquired it. Luckily, Saint Arnold's makes wonderful root beer as well, which I do like! 

I posted the photo above to Instagram/Twitter with a caption saying something like "at Saint Arnold's Brewery - lots of root beer for me!" And then about fifteen people called/texted/commented, all asking me whether I was pregnant. Because obviously, if I'm not drinking beer, the only possible explanation is that I'm pregnant, right? Haha. So for all of you who were wondering, the answer is no, I just don't like beer!

Alright, now we're caught up on all the recent Jeff & Katie goings on... if only I could get through my backlog of recipe posts!

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  1. we all just think a Jeff and Katie baby will be so, so cute!