Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Law Review Office

At school, I have an office/cubicle (for my Law Review editor position) in the law school's basement. It has no natural light, and it's totally just a boring, generic cubicle, so it's not naturally a very enjoyable place to spend a lot of time.

But, since I do have to be down there quite a bit, I tried to fix it up and make it look a little more happy and comfortable. Here's what I ended up with:

My "Office"

I picked a few colors (tiffany blue, black, and white) and focused on those. The wall got a bulletin board (with the cork part covered in light blue scrapbook paper), which has a few fun quotes, etc., as well as important papers that I need to keep track of temporarily. 

My desk area is L-shaped, and I tried to utilize every inch of it. On the left, I put a faux houseplant (everyone thinks it's real and asks me how I get it to grow in a basement with no sunlight!) and a jar of candy. My editorial position involves overseeing the 2L casenote/comment writing process, so the candy is just a little reward for all the work the 2Ls are doing for me! Next to the candy jar, I have a little desk organizer from Tuesday Morning that holds all my Post-Its, paper clips, etc. 

My laptop usually sits in the space between that stuff on the left and the corner. In the corner, I put some framed photos and a vase from Ikea that holds my pens and highlighters. 

The wall behind that corner holds another quote print and my Law Review calendar:

My favorite part of the whole thing is this little sofa with Ikea pillows. I have to read and edit A LOT, and this is the perfect place so do it. I pile all the pillows on one side and sit sideways with my feet up. It's a perfect editing spot! 

One of the most important parts of my office/cubicle/area is the blanket that lives on my chair. It tends to get chilly down there, so I wrap that blanket around me when I'm working (or I pull it over to the sofa and settle in with pillows and the blanket to edit a paper!). 

I was able to mostly use things I already had, and those things combined with a few little purchases (2 pillows, the plant, and the desk organizer) made it a much more pleasant place for me to spend time! I can't wait to fix up a real office when I start law firm work next fall! 


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