Friday, January 4, 2013

Moody Gardens Festival of Lights

Before Christmas, we took a trip with my parents and sisters to Galveston, TX to see Moody Gardens' Festival of Lights. Moody Gardens is a sort of theme park-ish zoo with big pyramids. One pyramid is a rainforest, one is an aquarium, etc. During the holidays, they fill the entire grounds with lots of Christmas light displays. We'd never been before, so this year we made the trip to see it!

They had little gift shops full of light-up hats, toys, etc., so of course we had a little fun...

Then it was time to go see the lights! 

There was a really lovely Bethlehem/Nativity display.

Since Moody Gardens is all about animals, wildlife, nature, etc., a lot of the lights were as well. There were fields of flower lights, butterfly lights, and more!

We stopped for a while to listen to some live Christmas music and chow down on some funnel cakes. I hadn't eaten a funnel cake in YEARS! 

We got to walk through a candy cane tunnel...

In good Texan fashion, they had a big display of a cowboy boot with yellow roses!

We had a great time. The weather was perfect (gotta love that 75 degree Texas winter), it was a perfect way for me to embrace the holiday spirit after weeks of law school finals, and of course we enjoyed spending some time with family. 

Thanks for the fun times, Festival of Lights!

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