Thursday, January 24, 2013

Law School Things

Y'all... the whole law school thing is getting closer and closer to being over. In the past few weeks, I've done so many "law school's almost over" things, and it just feels like graduation is actually within reach! To be honest, there were a couple times back in 2010 that I felt 95% sure I'd never make it to graduation (1L is rough, y'all!), so I feel really proud of myself that it's actually happening. 
I had my last first day of school... big smiles for that! 

I've officially applied for graduation! Now I'm just counting down the days until May 11th!

I've submitted my application to the State Bar of Texas! Now there's just the small matter of the Bar exam to worry about...

I bought my last-ever set of law school textbooks!

I decided to punish myself with not one, but two tax courses in my last semester. Gotta love those huge statute books.

And last but not least - this actually happened a while ago but I forgot to mention it with the holidays and all - my Law Review article was published! Check it out: 

I've got five long semesters behind me, and just one left! It should be a little more relaxing than the first five, so I'm going to try to enjoy it as much as possible before I enter the scary world of law firm work! 


  1. Sooo obviously with my hubs being a 1L, this post makes me both happy for you and sad for us since we are so deep in hell with law school. I feel like he is NEVER going to get done. (BTW, he hates law school too). I am so happy for you though! It makes me hopeful we will survive too. Congrats!! Not too much longer!!

  2. Congrats! Good luck with finishing school and the Bar exam.

  3. Your post makes me so happy I didn't go to law school- no offense! However, congrats on your job! I know you have been very private about your last name in the past, so I wanted to let you know that it is very visible on two of your pics in this post.

  4. Hope you enjoy your last semester!! Congrats on your law review article-- what an accomplishment! You're almost there! :)

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