Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get Thee to the Dollar Spot!

Ok y'all. I am normally perfectly capable of walking through Target's "dollar spot" without putting anything in my cart, but they just have so much cute stuff right now! I came home the other day with this:

Yeah. That's $18 worth of dollar spot stuff. Oops. But it's good stuff! Like these doily hearts... I can string them on some embroidery floss and make a quick-and-adorable Valentine's Day garland! 

And there were craft paper stickers. How could I pass those up?

They were perfect for labeling a couple of my storage boxes in the craft room:

Much cuter with labels that match the lids, right? Plus there are heart-shaped stickers too... someone should come up with an adorable Valentine's Day craft using these!

And then there was the wrapping paper. I saw it, and I needed it to use as drawer liners... but I didn't know how many square feet I needed, so I just bought a LOT.

The spotted one is for actual wrapping paper purposes (perfect for birthdays, right?), and the other two are for drawer liners!

I love the flowers!

And then there were the gift bags. How do you resist cheaper-than-the-dollar-store cute gift bags?

And last but not least, polka-dot-embossed metal pails!

Perfect for holding my pens/Sharpies/highlighters in the craft room!

So the point is, you should go to Target and take advantage of all the cute stuff. Or, you know, not (if you're not willing to leave with $18 less in your purse). 

Oh and by the way, this is in no way an advertisement/sponsored post/whatever for Target. I just really love the stuff in the dollar spot right now! 


  1. Oh my gosh, Katie, I JUST did this! I have the white damask wrapping paper, the labels, and I also bought a TON of Valentine's Day-colored sprinkles!

  2. So cute! Love the idea of using a tin for pens and such.

  3. I totally went to Target right after you posted this. Such great stuff!