Tuesday, December 4, 2012

White Chocolate Christmas Popcorn

Here's a yummy treat to take to neighbors, or to bring to work, or to add to a gift that needs a little something! This could obviously be adapted for other holidays as well...

1 bag of unpopped popcorn, lightly salted but NOT buttered
1 cup of white chocolate chips
1/2 container of Christmas-colored sprinkles

1. Pop popcorn as directed.
2. Melt chocolate chips in a large pot on the stove over VERY low heat, stirring continuously.
3. When chocolate is melted, add the popcorn to the pot and use a spatula to mix the popcorn and chocolate. After popcorn is coated, dump in the sprinkles and stir to mix.
4. Spread the popcorn into a single layer on a baking sheet or piece of parchment or wax paper, and refrigerate for 30 minutes or so (this will help the chocolate to harden).
5. Remove from the fridge and break up any kernels that are stuck together. Store in an air-tight container.

(melting the chocolate chips)

(stirring together the chocolate and popcorn)

(spread out on parchment paper)

(in the fridge to harden)


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