Monday, December 10, 2012

Law School Problems

Just another reason why I hate law school...

Last Week and the Week Before: students download the new exam software for Fall 2012 (law school exams are 3-5 hours long and they're usually all essays, so we type them using the exam software). Many students with Macs have issues getting this year's software to run for longer than 30 minutes without freezing. They notify IT. IT puts their names on a list. 
{Weeks go by...}
Today: IT realizes there's a problem with the software.
12:04pm: Students are notified that we need to uninstall the software and download the new one. A link is provided to the new software.
12:15pm: I try to download the software, but the link isn't working (404 Error). 
1:24pm: Link still isn't working. I e-mail Student Services.
1:45pm: No response from Student Services yet, so I decide to just call IT. They say the links will be working in an hour.
4:45pm: Links still aren't working. I call IT. IT says that they don't actually have a working version of the software, and they don't know when they will.

4:50pm: I call Student Services (who never did respond to my e-mail). I tell them I have an exam at 9:00am tomorrow, and I ask them if I'm going to have to hand-write it. They say that's definitely a possibility.

IT closes at 6:00. We still haven't heard anything. I have a 3-hour exam full of essays at 9:00am tomorrow. I guess I better get my hand muscles ready to write...

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  1. oh, that's a huge bummer! maybe someone has a pc you could borrow?