Monday, November 12, 2012

The Second Guest Bedroom!

I've finally finished decorating our second guest bedroom (by "finished," I mean finished-until-I-decide-to-tweak-it because no room in our house ever seems to be actually "done," but close enough!)! Our budget for this one was basically "as close to $0 as possible," and in the end I spent about $70-80 to turn it from "ugly storage room" to "cozy guest bedroom," so it was a success! Here it is:

This is the smallest of house's four bedrooms, but our old master bedroom furniture fit in there just perfectly! The queen-sized bed, mattress, dresses, bedding, and bedside table all moved straight out of our master bedroom into this guest room. 

The comforter set was a wedding gift from my grandparents, and I still love it, but I just wanted something a little lighter and more "calm" for our bedroom downstairs. I'm thrilled to have it in this guest room though... it's very cozy! 

We were using sheets that matched that reddish-orange color, and I just felt like it was too much orange, so I bought new sheets to match the tan color in the Euro sham pillows. I like it much better now! 

This room has kind of a loose Texas theme, which worked well because Jeff had so much Texas stuff from when he lived in South Carolina (and filled his house with Texan pride stuff... haha). I didn't want  the room to be really in-your-face Texas-y, but I think a few subtle things are nice (especially since a lot of our guests that will sleep in here aren't from Texas, so it's kind of fun). We hung this print of the Texas capitol building (used to be in Jeff's house in college, and in Jeff's bathroom in our old apartment) above the bed. 

The bedside table got the lamp that used to be on Jeff's bedside table in our bedroom, a stack of books topped with a candleholder, and a little clock that I bought at the furniture auction we got to periodically. 

The books came from Half Price Books for free when I sold a bunch of our old books to them, and they're all Texas-themed! So fun. 

I put new knobs on the dresser and nightstand. They had brushed nickel knobs before, which was fine, but it wasn't really going with the warm, slightly-rustic feel of the room. I found a giant pack of these oil-rubbed bronze ones for $15 at Tuesday Morning, and I think it made a big difference! 

The curtain rod is from our old apartment (we used it in our bedroom), and I whipped up that burlap curtain from the super-sale burlap I bought a couple weeks ago (easiest project ever - I'll tell you about it soon!). I'm still debating whether to do a second burlap curtain for the other side. Thoughts?

Moving on to the right side of the room... that door goes to our holiday decoration closet

I stuck a little chair on that wall because I think guests need a "spot" to drop purses, clothes, etc. I bought a set of four of these chairs at the furniture auction, but I only needed three of them for the craft room, so this one got a new burlap seat cushion and went into the guest room!

I considered re-staining the chair, but I was lazy think it looks cute and weathered. 

I found this wooden shelf at HomeGoods and snatched it up. It was one of my few purchases for the room, but I really needed something cute for that wall! 

On the shelf, there are some more little Texas-y/vintagey things. This wooden box says "You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you're in Texas." 

On the left, an heirloom Bible from Jeff's side of the family, and another little brown candleholder.

On the right, a couple of autographed baseballs from the Houston Astros. I wanted to buy prettier stands for them (wood maybe?), but the budget was "as close to $0 as possible," so for now they're just staying on the plastic ones. 

Above the shelf are a couple of framed letters from the Texas House and Senate congratulating Jeff on his Eagle Scout award.

Across from the bed, there's a little wall that was just the right size for our old dresser. Perfect! 

I topped it with some more candleholders that I already had, the leaf tealight sconce that used to be in our master bedroom, and an old frame that I used to create some burlap key art. 

Those keys were one of the things I actually purchased for the room. I think it was worth it. :) 

On the right: candleholders and Jeff's vintage Houston Astros bobblehead. There are some things husbands just like to have in the house, and when wives can find a good place for them, it makes for a happy marriage. :) 

This bedroom is connected to the upstairs bathroom via a little archway to the right of the chair wall. 

I put some of our more "obvious" Texas decor in the bathroom...

(Texas state seal)

So that's it! As for the budget breakdown, I spent $12 on the wooden shelf from HomeGoods, $10 on a pack of three iron keys (one of which I'm saving for another project, so call it $7?), $40 on the new sheets (HomeGoods, this was a bit of a "splurge" because I wanted nice wrinkle-free sheets), $15 on oil-rubbed bronze knobs at Tuesday Morning, and a few dollars on burlap for the curtain, chair cushion, and key frame background. Not bad! Plus I found a new use for lots of furniture, candleholders, curtain rods, etc. that we weren't using, which is great! 

Now for a few before-and-afters (you can see all the before photos here):







It's a big difference, right? It's amazing what a lot of organizing and re-using and a few little purchases can do! I'm completely thrilled that we were able to fully decorate a room for so little money. What do y'all think? Who wants to come visit? :) Oh, and should I make a second burlap curtain for the other side of the window (I can't decide...)? 

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  1. This room looks so good! I'm amazed at how well you were able to repurpose some of the things in there!

  2. you did good, katie! i think i'm a fan of just the one curtain. and i think the chair is a really nice, useful touch. we used to have a bench at the foot of our bed, but it doesn't fit in our new place and i really miss having it there to hold clothes and such!