Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Purging and Purchasing!

We've been in our "new" house for about a year and a half now, and the closet space that we thought was SO plentiful when we first moved in is starting to run out a little bit. So, I figured it was time to go through our "stuff" and decide what we no longer need. 

I started with our bedroom closet and cleaned out a bunch of clothes we don't wear, and then I went through the other closets throughout the house and found a bunch of random stuff (home decor items and purses and duffel bags mostly) we should just get rid of.

Once I had a giant pile of stuff ready to take to Goodwill, I decided to go through our "book closet" as well. We have a closet in the game room that was totally full of books we've read. We never read any of them again, so they just end up sitting there. Jeff helped me go through them and pick which ones to save, and we boxed up the rest to take to Half Price Books (along with a bunch of old CDs I found in a dresser drawer in the guest bedroom). Here's our newly-cleaned book closet with a LOT fewer books!

We have to pile them horizontally because of those awful wire shelves... why on earth did the builder think shelves with holes in them were a good idea?!?!

To our surprise, Half Price Books gave us about $40 for our box of books and CDs! We were expecting like ten bucks or so, so it was quite exciting! We browsed around the store with our "free" money, and I ended up buying a trio of Texas-themed books for the second guest bedroom.

Once you remove the dust jackets, they make a cute little stack of books in colors that go with the room! And they were free! Woohoo!

After Half Price Books, we dropped off our stuff at Goodwill and took a look around the store, where I found two Halloween tealight holders for just 79 cents each! Since we still had most of our $40 from Half Price left, the candle holders were basically free Halloween decor! They looked cute on our kitchen table for Halloween! 

I went to Goodwill again a couple weeks later (a new one opened right up the street from our house, so I had to go and browse), and I found these mercury glass candleholders for just 99 cents! 

I saw what appears to be the exact same candleholders at West Elm for $5.99 a piece, so I'm thrilled with my little mercury glass purchase! 

So, we cleaned out some closets, and we got some free stuff! It doesn't get much more win-win than that! Anyone else doing some purging-and-purchasing lately?


  1. Love those Texas books! Donny and I both had to purge a lot of stuff when he moved here, and there's still more that we should get rid of. I saw an idea on pinterest for those wire shelves-- she had put vinyl tiles on the wire shelves to make a flat surface. I haven't tried it on mine, but I thought it was genius!

  2. Love the Davy Crockett books!...especially since he's a distant relative of mine! :)