Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tasting the Town!

I realized yesterday as I was accounting my tale of rehearsal dinner coincidence that I never told you all about the Tasting the Town event we attended a few weeks ago! 

The area we live in now is kind of a conglomeration of three areas (Humble, Kingwood, and Atascosita) that are all in a little clump sometimes called the "Lake Houston" area. So the Lake Houston area had an event called Tasting the Town, and a bunch of local restaurants came to the Humble Civic Center. 

We paid $20 each for tickets, and then we got a two drink tickets each and unlimited food samples at all the local restaurants' booths! 

Room full of food booths

We got these fun little plates with drink holders:

There were some popular chains (Which Wich, Saltgrass, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Smashburger, etc.), and a lot of local favorites as well. 

Dickey's BBQ - they had some great jalapeno sausage!

Zammitti's - delicious spicy alfredo pasta, and Mr. Zammitti himself was there walking around!

My Fit Foods - they had some of the BEST chicken salad I've ever had (I don't like mayo very much, so I guess "healthy" chicken salad is my favorite kind).

Gina's - yummy pizza and ziti!

Smoothie King

Texas Roadhouse - I got a yummy chopped beed sandwich from here! 

Raffa's (serving tiramisu and shrimp & grits - yum!) & Amedeo's (location of the aforementioned crazy story from yesterday). 

Nothing Bundt Cakes - SO good. They had some sort of strawberry cake that was just delicious!

Which Wich - this is one of Jeff and my favorite fast food places... we didn't grab any food here (we were trying to hit all the non-chain restaurants before we got full). 

Christopher's Italian - this one's next on our list to try!

Nureka's Cajun - I can't remember what we ate there, but I remember it was good!

Saltgrass Steakhouse

Hasta la Pasta - yummy chocolate cheesecake and raspperry chipotle meatballs! 

Sorrento Ristorante - stuffed mushrooms! 

We ate SO much food. All the samples were little, but that many little samples is still a LOT!

Funnily enough, the best booth BY FAR was the Kingwood Medical Center (our big hospital). 

They had it set up as a fake Operating Room (complete with a body and fake organs and everything), with the food under operating lights!

Their food was delicious! Kobe beef bites, duck empanadas, some sort of potato dish, and peach cobbler. 

As if the fancy hospital decor wasn't enough, they topped it off with Sangria in a Syringe. Too funny! 

As we were leaving, we had to vote for our favorites (Hasta la Pasta, Kingwood Med, and Texas Roadhouse!). 

It was such a fun night out, and it was awesome to get to try so many different restaurants all at once! It was perfect for people like us who haven't lived in the area very long. We're looking forward to next year's Tasting the Town! 


  1. Oh my gosh I love Roadhouse. There's one in the city where J and I are from in Colorado and every time we go home we have to make a stop in there. Also, we're doing Nothing Bundt Cakes for our wedding. They have the most adorable bundtinis! I wish we had better places like Which Wich in CA!

  2. I agree, Which Wich is the best sandwich place! This looks like such a fun evening. I will have to tell my in-laws about it so they can go next year!

    P.S. I was trying to explain "30 before 30" lists to Adam and I used yours as an example. I realized that you have "see a natural waterfall" on your list and you could totally do that when you're in Seattle next summer! Snoqualmie Falls is supposed to be one of the prettiest in the country.

    1. Oooh that's a great idea! I realized after I wrote the list that I have seen Niagara Falls already (I went in high school), so I guess I'll have to change it to "see another natural waterfall." Haha. But that could definitely work for when we go to Seattle!