Wednesday, October 17, 2012


When I was in college, I went on a retreat once where there was a speaker who gave a talk about "joy." I can't remember her name or what exactly she spoke about, but the concept of living your life filled with joy has stuck with me ever since then. Periodically, I try to remind myself to just find joy in life and rejoice in it and give God the glory for the amazing things He has put into my world.

So today's post is all about things that have brought me joy lately!

My Sweet Husband

We went out to dinner at a pizza place by our house on Sunday, and toward the end of our meal, the waitress asked "are y'all together, or are you just dating?" Kind of a weird question (especially had we been a "just dating" couple on the verge of becoming officially "together"), but I said "actually we're married!" She was all surprised, and she said "but you guys look so happy! You've been talking and laughing and you just look like you're having fun with each other!" Jeff kind of laughed and told her we've been married for a little over two years, and the sweet waitress was just so surprised. She said most married couples don't look like they're really enjoying their time together. When she handed us the check, she said "bless your marriage! I hope you're always as happy as you are tonight!"

She's right though. After all this time, I do genuinely enjoy every second I get to spend with Jeff, and he just makes me happy. SO MUCH JOY!

Homemade Bread, Fresh Out of the Oven!
I'll get a recipe for this up on the blog soon... it's really easy! 

I keep staring at them like I did when we were first engaged! 

My Giveaway Package from The Fashionable Wife
I rarely win anything, but I won a giveaway on another blog and got this package of fall beauty goodies! I put the nail polish on my toes right away! 

Fun Times with my Sister, Karoline!
Karoline came to stay with me last weekend while Jeff was out of town with his brother for the South Carolina-LSU game. We had such fun! We bought a GIANT mum for the porch, baked a lot, watched Big Fat Greek Wedding, and just had a lovely time! 

Biggest. Mum. Ever.

Good Friends (Especially ones that move to Houston!)
Jeff and I don't have a TON of friends, but the ones we do have are so dear to us! I think we just don't have time to keep up with a lot of people, but we really treasure our good friends! One of Jeff's best friends from South Carolina (and the Best Man at our wedding) is moving to Houston for his job (best news ever!), so he's staying with us for a while until his apartment is available. I made him a "Welcome to Texas" basket with Texas-shaped chips, Texas-style salsa, "Texas-sized" jelly beans, a Texas flag, an issue of Texas Monthly, and a Texas shot glass. 

So, what's bringing joy to your life lately? Let's all have a joyful day! 


  1. that story with the waitress is so cute! adam's family always makes fun of us for being in a little adam-and-caitlin bubble. we're just perfectly happy in our little world. but, i have to say there's nothing sweeter than making room in your bubble for someone else. our adam-caitlin-and-claire is pretty great. although, you won't find us going out to eat much anymore!!

  2. I constantly have to remind myself to be happy with what we have. We have had a a tough year, and things have finally calmed down and have gotten better, so I am trying to remember to be thankful for everything. But sometimes I get so wrapped up in day to day things- the working, the cleaning and cooking and general stress and all the law school stuff that I forget. This is a great post!

    And I'm so glad you love your giveaway win!!