Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Burlap, Burlap, Burlap!

I recently bought two bolts of burlap. JoAnn's was having a one-day-only 50% of burlap sale, so I took advantage of it, and now I have 20 yards of the stuff. I bought it without knowing what exactly I'd use it for (which is very, very unlike me), so I've been looking around for some ideas. Here are a few of the best ones I've found:

Burlap Napkin Rings - how cute would this be for a fall table? And SO much cheaper than buying napkin rings! My kitchen table is all Halloween-y right now, so I think I'll take away the jack-o-lanterns and spiders and replace them with burlap goodness tomorrow!

Burlap Curtains - I may or may not have already started on this for the guest bedroom.... hehe. I'm planning on making some for the game room too though. I think. :)

Burlap Table Runners - there are SO many different versions of this floating around the Internet. I can't wait to try one. Should go nicely with the napkin rings, right?

Burlap in Frames - I love how burlap adds a little personality to wall decor... look at all these cute frames with burlap!

Aren't the little clips just so cute in this one? I love it! 

This would be so cute with Christmas music!

I think I could do something like those frames to make Jeff's Eagle Scout letters from the Senate and House look pretty...

Burlap Pillows - I'd love to whip up a few of these for the (second) guest bedroom. So fun! 

Burlap Around Candleholders - this is so simple, but so cute! And it would hardly use any burlap at all! 

Burlap Monogram Art - I love both of these monogram ideas! I'm not sure where I'd put either one, but I'm filing them away for when I find a spot!

Burlap Wreath - I think this wreath is so adorable, and I'd love to recreate it. Now I just need to buy some twine...

Burlap Holiday Decor - I love DIYing stuff for the holidays. Here are a couple cute burlap holiday ideas!

Berry Monogram with a Burlap Bow

I think I'm going to start with curtains and maybe some artsy stuff. What would your first burlap project be? 

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  1. i love all the ideas! you can always use it for gifts too, if you feel like your house is getting too burlap-y, ha ha!