Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Miniature Pies!

I was recently at Macy's with my mom and sister, and I stumbled upon a Bella Mini Pie Maker on the clearance rack. It was marked down from $49.99 to $29.99. 

Being a lover of all things miniature, I picked it up and asked the saleslady that was walking around if she had heard anything about how well it works. She hadn't, but she took it to the register to check the price, and it rang up for just $9.99! So I of course bought it. And I bought it with a Macy's gift card leftover from some wedding registry gifts we returned over two years ago, so it was basically free! 

So I brought it home, got some Pillsbury pie crust and a can of mixed berry pie filling, and tried it out right away!

Here it is heating up (it's a lot like a waffle maker).

I unrolled my pie dough, and then rolled it a little thinner (as suggested by the pie maker instructions):

I used the little dough circle template punch to punch out the pie crust, then put the bottoms into the pie maker, filled them with filling, topped them with the tops, and closed the pie maker to cook them! Sorry there are no photos of that last part... it was all happening so fast (I didn't want the bottoms to cook too much before the tops got on!). 

Here's my first batch... not so pretty!

On my second attempt, I rolled out the dough circles to make them a little larger and thinner after I cut them out. I also cut out some little leaf shapes for decoration (I was making apple pies). These turned out MUCH better - 

Eeee so cute!!!

Kind of adorable, right? I'm really happy with how the second batch turned out. The best part? These little baby pies cook in just ten minutes. Ten minutes to yummy pie! The possibilities are endless... I can see myself using this for all sorts of stuff, from chicken pot pies to strawberry rhubarb pies! I'm definitely a fan! Y'all ought to put this fun little machine on your Christmas list (or run straight to your Macy's and look for a $9.99 one!). 
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  1. adorable! i have a doughnut maker and a cake pop maker (both gifts) and i've seen the pie one but was skeptical. now i want one!