Monday, September 24, 2012

Five Things

Another five things that aren't quite worth their own individual blog post...

1. Crossing One Off

With our trip to Napa Valley, I crossed something off my 30 Before 30 List! Number 19 was "Go wine tasting in actual wine country," which we definitely did! Three down, twenty-seven to go. 

2. Bed in the Guest Room

Now that we've got our new bed set up in our bedroom, we moved the old one into the empty guest bedroom upstairs! There's still a lot to be done in that room, but just having a bed in there makes a big difference!



3. Bedroom Furniture

On a related note, we finally decided on a dresser and nightstands for our master bedroom! It's been a long journey. First, I fell in love with the Ashworth set from Pier 1...

We actually bought it and everything, but when it arrived it had this weird speckle-y finish that was totally unlike the one in the store (or the photo above). So we returned it. 

After that, I fell in love with the Louis XVI furniture from Ballard Designs

It was more money than I really wanted to spend, but we loved it, so after a month or so of considering we decided to go for it. But then we found out that we'd have to wait six months to get it... and that combined with the exorbitantly large shipping fees was enough to talk us out of it. 

Then we spent a few months searching high and low and going to antique auctions and furniture stores. For months I was SO READY to spend one of my summer paychecks on bedroom furniture, but we just couldn't find anything we really liked.  

But then... we finally found another good option!! Enter Bassett's Warrenton collection:

I think we finally found the the perfect mix of a high-quality look with a little touch of rustic-ness. I love the little details on the legs and trim. Thanks to Bassett's Anniversary Sale, it was considerably cheaper than some similar sets we were looking at from Pottery Barn (woohoo!). Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks until we receive them, but we have a big dresser and two nightstands coming! Oh, and an added bonus - we're pretty sure the wood color will match well with the Pier 1 table that's currently in there, so we'll have that in there as well! 

I will, of course, keep you all posted once it all arrives. :) 

4. Tailgating - Part Two!

Texas A&M had their second home game this weekend, so we packed up our tailgating stuff and drove to College Station again! This time we brought our good friends Kristen & Dan with us, and we had a wonderful weekend!

Kristen & me by A&M's new Student Center

Kristen & Dan

Fightin' Texas Aggie Band!

Coach Sumlin leading the football team!

We got to eat lunch at Pita Pit (possibly my favorite College Station restaurant), we successfully grilled corn on the cob at our tailgate, and we just had a really fun time!

Mmm, corn!

Plus, the Aggies won by a lot, so we were pretty happy about that too. :)

There's nothing quite like Kyle Field on Gameday!

5. Antique Buffet

You guys know how Jeff and I have a thing for antique auctions. You can see a few of our previous antique purchases in this post. Well, we'd been attending them a lot in an attempt to find nightstands/dressers. We never did find either one, but we did find this lovely buffet table that we just couldn't pass up:

We didn't really have a good spot in mind for it when we bought it, but the price was so low that we decided we could definitely find somewhere to put it! We hauled it upstairs (no easy task... that thing is solid wood) and put it between the windows in the game room, and it fits there perfectly! Go figure. Now I just need to get some curtains on the windows up there...

So... what do y'all think of the new dressers? And doesn't the guest bedroom look totally different when it actually has a bed in it? Haha! Anyone else crossing things off a 30 Before 30 list? Mine's not going as quickly as I had hoped. Anyone else buying unnecessary antiques (and does it make you think you're turning into your mother, or is that just me)? Any tailgating happening this weekend? Have you ever spent six months of your life searching for the perfect dresser?

I'd love to hear all about it. :)

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