Tuesday, September 18, 2012

California Trip - Day 6: San Francisco and Going Home!

On our last day in California, we drove into San Francisco and explored a little more before heading home. One great thing about vacationing with a husband who loves you very much is that you can convince him to go to random silly things you want to see. Like the Full House house:

This is it!!! 

Aww. Can't you just picture Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse and Michelle living there?

In my thorough internet searching to find the Full House house, I accidentally discovered that the Mrs. Doubtfire house was nearby, so we went to see that too! 

After we saw my #1 must-see San Fran sight (the Full House house, of course!), we went to some of the more traditional sight-seeing locations. Here are the "Painted Lady" houses off of Alamo Square: 

We also went to the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park. It was SO BEAUTIFUL there. The pictures do not do it justice. I took about a million photos, but none of them accurately show just how peaceful and pretty it was! Sorry for so many photos... I just couldn't narrow it down!! 

We also stopped by Golden Gate Park's Rose Garden...

There were so many different kinds of roses! 

On our way out of Golden Gate Park, we found this awesome tree. It was just on the side of the road, but it was so cool! Haha. 

We had lunch at In n Out Burger, which isn't so exciting anymore now that we have one in Texas in Dallas, but we live about four hours from Dallas, so we were still pretty happy to find one! 

After lunch, we set out to try one last time for some good Golden Gate Bridge photos. Unfortunately, it was still crazy-foggy, so it didn't really work out. We did see LOTS of different overlook spots though! 

Here's an example of what the cables look like (at the Golden Gate Bridge Visitor Center)

(inside of the cables)

The pictures just seemed to get worse as the day went on... here's the best one from our second overlook spot:

We found a beach with a decent view of the bridge (I can't seem to remember what the beach was called and it's driving me crazy!)... 

This next picture was snapped out of the car window as we drove by a little opening in the trees:

In the end, we had to head back to the airport without every getting a good bridge photo. Oh well! When we got to the airport, we got to chill in the United Club Lounge (we recently got an airline miles rewards credit card, so we had a couple free passes for the lounge)!

They had Milano cookies. I ate too many of them.

And then... we got on the airplane and went home! It was a great trip with lots of memories made, but we were happy to get home to our house and finally sleep in our own bed again. Thanks for the fun times, California! 

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  1. So jealous you saw the Full House park and actual house!!! My dream is to go see them one day!