Monday, September 17, 2012

California Trip - Day 5: San Francisco!

Jeff reminded me yesterday that I never finished the recaps of our California trip. I wrote about the days in Napa Valley, and our day in Marin County, but I somehow forgot to finish the San Francisco portion!

On our second to last day in California, we took the ferry into San Francisco.

It was another foggy day, so we got some more awful photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We went right by Alcatraz! 

After about 40 minutes, we arrived in San Francisco!

We took a little trolley down to Fisherman's Wharf:

We bought a couple of bread bowls with clam chowder and sat on a bench by the water to eat lunch:


After lunch, we began walking all around San Francisco! We saw the cable cars...

We went to Ghiradelli Square...

Inside the Ghiradelli store, you can see them making chocolate and read about how the whole process works:

Parts of the city have absolutely adorable houses. Look how cute these are! 

There are lots of hills in San Francisco. We did a lot of uphill walking.

We walked up and down lots of hills and eventually arrived at Lombard Street (the crookedest street ever!). We stood and watched people drive up and down it for a while. 

After Lombard Street, we went to the Cable Car Museum! The museum was totally free, and it was actually really cool (even for a non-engineer like me... haha!). 

There's a big hole in the floor of the museum where you can look down and see the actual cables and machinery running the four cable car lines.

Old cable car tools

After the Cable Car Museum, we walked around Chinatown for a while.

We walked back to the Ferry Building through the Financial District. Back by the Ferry Building, we found this cool water sculpture:

The Ferry Building itself is a sight to see... it's really pretty and full of fun shops!

Ferry Building

Ferryboats! This makes me think of Derek Shepherd. Haha. 

"Boccalone: Tasty Salted Pig Parts"
Apparently they eat crazy stuff in San Francisco. 

Inside of the Ferry Building

We eventually got back on the boat and rode back to Marin, where we had a lovely dinner with Rick and Rebecca and their kids, and then spent entirely too much time packing ten bottles of wine into our suitcases and weighing them to make them under the airline limit. 

Up next, our last day in California! 

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  1. You gave me some good ideas for when we go back to SF! We've been quite a few times but we've done most of the touristy stuff.