Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Master Bedroom: Before

So we're about to embark upon the Great Bedroom Redo of 2012. Floor to ceiling, our bedroom's getting a total makeover. I figure it'll take at least a few months (let's be honest, it's not like we're Young House Love or something).

Before we start messing everything up though, I figured I'd take a few "Before" shots, just so y'all can see what we're working with. So, here's the bedroom in all it's pre-redecoration glory:

The bed and all the linens and the nightstands are leaving. The leaf art above the bed is leaving. As much as I'd love a pretty light fixture, the ceiling fan stays (because it's so, so hot here in Texas, and we NEED it). 

I still like the comforter, etc., but I want something less dark for our bedroom. This will all go to the guest bedroom though. The lamp on the left nightstand will go to the guest bedroom too. 

This wall is the big problem area. Obviously we need a wide dresser rather than a tall one. Past that, it's just a really big wall that will be a challenge for furniture and for wall decor. As you can see, the room has lovely high ceilings... we want to add crown moulding around the whole room to take advantage of them. 

The little cluster of crosses will probably stay (although they'll likely find a new place). The TV may or may not stay... we hardly ever use it. 

This corner is a bit of a challenge. It's big enough that it needs something, but small enough that most "things" are too big. We'll see.

Again, this needs to be a shorter, wider dresser. This tall dresser will go up to the guest bedroom.

CURTAINS. We need curtains. The naked windows are driving me crazy.

We need bigger nightstands. This one will go up to the guest bedroom with the bed... it's a much smaller room up there, so I think it will look a lot more proportional. The lamp is going to the craft room, where it will get a new shade and maybe a new coat of paint. Again, CURTAINS.

There's a lot of space in this room... it's almost twice the size of our room at the old apartment (where we had the same exact furniture). I'm thinking a bench or something at the foot of the bed will probably happen.

Those are Jeff's Eagle Scout letters from the Texas House and Senate hanging on that wall. I don't really like them there, and I don't like them in that frame, but I need to find another solution to display them somehow. 

This is the only place in the room that I actually like. I love that Pier 1 table, so I'd like it to stay if we find new furniture that complements it. I like the birch trees painting too, but that may or may not find a new home (maybe a different wall in this room, maybe another room altogether). It just doesn't seem like the right size/shape for that wall, but maybe after we do curtains and crown moulding it will be fine. We'll see! 

We have a couple favorite wedding photos on that table, and I obviously want those to stay (maybe in new frames, maybe not). 

So, that's the bedroom! The to-do list includes new paint, crown moulding, curtains, new furniture, new bed linens, new wall art, and more. We'll have to go mattress shopping, which I hate, so that should be a bunch of misery fun. But we get to pretty much start from scratch, which I LOVE doing. The possibilities are endless! 

As for ideas, we want a darker, cozier color on the walls, but we want everything else to be a bit lighter. Out with the huge amounts of dark wood and brown, and in with some more calming colors and soft neutrals. As for furniture, we're excited to get some things that are more proportional to the room. It's definitely a big job, but I can't wait to tackle our big bedroom to-do list! 


  1. Would that corner (on the wall where you may put a long dresser) fit a slipper chair? It's nice to have somewhere to be able to sit other than the bed, and they don't take up too much space!

    1. Yeah, I think a nice comfy chair is the goal for that corner... we want something with arms though (we have a slipper chair in the piano room, and it's a little hard to "curl up in"), so we'll see what we can find that doesn't look too huge!

  2. so exciting! i can't wait to see the whole room come together! i second laura's slipper chair idea. it's nice to have a little reading nook (or honestly, a place to toss the clothes you'll be wearing the next day).