Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Bedroom #2: Before

Along with the Master Bedroom redo, we'll kind of be simultaneously decorating our empty second guest bedroom upstairs. Most of the stuff we're removing from the master will go upstairs to guest bedroom #2. It won't be nearly as exciting as the master bedroom project, but it will still be fun to see an empty room full of random stuff turn into an actual guest bedroom!

Here are the (embarrassing) photos of what the second guest bedroom looks like right now:

Welcoming, right? Haha. 

Right now it's pretty much just full of random stuff (and things we hung on the wall when we moved in because we had nowhere else to put them). 

This is where the bed will go, and the nightstand will go by the window. Layout-wise, this room is very similar to our other guest bedroom, so the furniture placement will probably be similar in both guest rooms. 

We've already removed the ugly builder-grade light fixture (it was the same as the one that we removed from the piano room), and we installed a ceiling fan (a must for any room where people sleep in Texas). The ceiling fan is actually one that we bought for our living room in our old apartment, so it was free! 

Of course, curtains will be happening around that window. The closet holds all of my seasonal holiday decorations, and I'm planning on re-organizing it as part of this whole guest room redo.

That frame is a copy of the Texas Declaration of Independence... the other frame on the wall in this room is a vintage print of the Texas Capitol Building. Jeff had them in his house in South Carolina back before we were married, and then they lived in Jeff's bathroom in our old apartment. They'll probably stay in this room somehow, so the room will have a little bit of a subtle Texas theme (but absolutely no cowboy stuff or rustic furniture or cowhide! haha!).  

That old chair is from a furniture auction (for $10)... it's from a set of four chairs (the other three of which have a home in the in-progress craft room). It'll get refinished and re-upholstered, and it'll sit against that little wall to the right of the closet door (as a spot for guests to drop purses, etc.). The tall wall in this photo is where the dresser from the master bedroom will go. I think it will fit there MUCH better than it does against the giant wall in the master bedroom! 

The wall to the right of the door is nice and big, so that should be a fun place to do some sort of fun wall art arrangement. 

So, that's the guest bedroom! It has a long, long way to go. We're trying to do the whole room for like... less than $200 or so since we're doing our bedroom at the same time. We'll be able to re-use a lot of stuff we already have, so it should work out! 

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