Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So... big news - I've accepted a post-graduation full-time job offer with a law firm in downtown Houston!

It's the same firm I've been working at all summer, and I'm really excited. I really like the people at the office, and I enjoy the work, so it's kind of wonderful! I'll start working for them in the fall of 2013 (after I've finished up law school and taken the Bar exam). 

This is such an answer to our prayers... it's no secret to all of you that I kind of hate law school, and for a while I was a bit worried that I'd never find a legal job that I enjoyed. My two internships last summer went well, but neither one was something I could see myself doing long-term. I've always known that there are many, many different things that you can do with a law degree, but I still worried about it and prayed a lot that I would find a fulfilling, enjoyable career. It's pretty amazing that God answered those prayers and sent me a Biglaw job that I actually enjoy!

The legal market is pretty horrible right now (only 55% of 2011 law graduates have full-time jobs that require a law degree), so we feel very blessed that I have a post-graduation job with a good salary lined up before I've even started my third year of school. I worked really hard to get here, but Jeff and I said a lot of prayers along the way, and we're so thankful that those prayers have been answered.

We celebrated by going out to dinner at a nice new restaurant in Kingwood, Chimichurris

We went all out... wine, appetizer, dessert... so fun! I don't know if the food was actually delicious, or if it was just the sweet taste of employment, but Jeff and I both said it was the best meal we've had in a long time! 

Now I just have to finish up that last year of school and pass the Bar exam...