Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Celebrating Two Years of Marriage

Jeff had to go out of town for work during the week of our anniversary, so we had to postpone our celebration a little bit. Next year, I'll be taking the Bar exam on our anniversary, so it looks like we're just going to celebrate a few days off for a little while. :)

I did get a surprise flower delivery on our actual anniversary day though - I was so surprised... Jeff hasn't had flowers sent to me since back when we were long-distance dating, so it was really sweet.

They came in this little yellow pitcher, which I get to keep and use now that the flowers died. So cute!

When Jeff got home, we celebrated with a dinner out at the Melting Pot (a fondue restaurant). We had a great time and the food was wonderful.

After we got home, we exchanged anniversary presents. After sticking with the traditional "paper" gift last year, I had to make the traditional gift thing work again. The traditional second anniversary gift is cotton though, which is SO much harder than paper! I ended up going with a combination of various gifts...

A cotton South Carolina Gamecocks beach towel:

This ended up working out really well because we left for a beach vacation the day after we exchanged gifts.

See? 100% cotton! 

A pack of cotton undershirts (this was mostly a joke... he needed more of them anyway, and they were cotton, so I just wrapped them with the other stuff!):

100% cotton! 

...and a pair of hotel-quality super soft bath robes!

More 100% cotton!

The hotel we stayed in for our New Orleans vacation had a pair of these, and we just thought it was so luxurious! So I figured, why not get a couple for our own bathroom? I'm planning on redoing some of our bathroom while we redecorate the bedroom, so I think they'll end up hanging on a couple new hooks in there. Hopefully we'll actually use them and feel like we're in a fancy hotel all the time. :)

I wrapped everything with leftover ribbon in our wedding colors (which Jeff of course didn't notice, but I do think he appreciated it after I pointed it out...haha).

Jeff looked up the traditional anniversary gemstones list last year and bought me a freshwater pearl necklace, so I was expecting he'd get me something with garnet (the second anniversary gemstone) this year. But he surprised me with a pretty little diamond and white gold necklace, which matches a pair of earrings he got me for my birthday. It was kind of funny because earlier in the day (before we exchanged gifts) I was going on and on about how much I love the earrings I got for my birthday and how I love wearing them, and then I was beyond excited when I got the necklace later!

We received so many sweet Facebook messages and emails and cards from family and friends...

How lovely it is to have a family that's so supportive of our marriage. We feel very loved!

Two years is kind of a funny time period... we kind of feel like we just got married (like, the wedding just happened!), but we also feel very comfortable and used to being married (like, it feels like we've been doing it forever). We moved into our house right before our anniversary last year, so Year Two was filled with updating and decorating and learning how to deal with the many things being a homeowner throws at you (e.g. - later today I will be caulking a bathroom for the first time ever!).

Toward the end of Year Two, I had a summer associate position and we got a little taste of what it's like for both of us to be working (rather than Jeff working and me in school), and we really love it, so we're really excited for graduation and moving on to that phase of our life. I can already tell Year Three is going to be amazing... we'll both finish school (for good!), we'll hopefully get a lot closer to having our house all decorated and done the way we want it, and we have some wonderful vacations planned. So much fun!

(Here's a look back at our first anniversary: the day and what we did to celebrate)


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! You're exactly right about 2 years feeling odd, like brand new and long term at the same time.

  2. Happy anniversary! We do the traditional gifts as well...its always fun to see what we can make fit the category for that year.