Friday, August 3, 2012

Blast from the Past

My parents recently hinted that it was about time I take my "stuff" out of their house and into my own house. They moved while I was in college, so I went through all my childhood stuff then and got rid of a lot a few years ago, but the things that made the cut have been living in a closet at their new house since then.
Last time I was at their house, I went through the closet that was holding all my stuff and boxed it up to take with me (and got rid of some of it). It was pretty fun to see some of my "special things" again... here are a few things I found:
My High School Letter Jacket!

I lettered in band my freshman year, so I got to wear this jacket for three whole years. Not very many people earned them as freshmen, so I was really proud of myself!

Class of '07!

my "clarinet" patch and a favorite Bible verse

I had to blur out my last name on the back, but there's my giant All-State patch!

My Homecoming Mum from Senior Year (when I went with Jeff)

My Gymnastics Medals

Did y'all know I used to be a gymnast? I actually trained with Nastia Liukin (and her parents, who are coaches) when I was in elementary school, and I trained with Marta and Bela Karolyi in the summers. I was decently good at it, but I quit in 7th grade when they wanted me to drop out of regular school and go to school at the gym instead (they had a charter school program that went from 8am-noon every day and left the rest of the day for training). I got rid of a lot of medals/trophies, but I saved a few of my favorites. The medals above are from my last Texas State meet.

This is the team trophy from my last year at WOGA (the Liukins' gym).

Here's what I decided to keep: the medals from my last Texas State meet, a ribbon from one of the Karolyi summer programs, a couple medals from other important meets where I won gold for beam (beam was my favorite/best event), and a few of my favorite team trophies. 

My Porcelain Doll Collection

My grandparents bought me a porcelain doll every year for my birthday until I turned 15. I have quite a collection, but I really can't figure out what I should do with them. I obviously don't want to get rid of such a sentimental gift from my grandparents, so for now they're all living in their boxes in the top of one of our closets. A few of my favorites:

It was a lot of fun to see this stuff again... so many memories! Now I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it all. Have y'all cleared your "stuff" out of your parents' houses? What did you do with it all? I think I'm going to devise some sort of plastic bin system where Jeff and I each have a bin for grade school stuff and a bin for college stuff... you know, just all the things that are too special to get rid of. 


  1. You'll need more than one bin for Jeff's Beanie Baby bears! :-)

  2. My parents have been slowly doing that to me throughout the year! They let me keep one "sentimental" box (old cards and notes, awards, things I drew when I was small, etc.), and one box of "special" toys (for when we have kids later) at their house. I made myself get rid of most of the rest. It was difficult, but there's just not much storage space in a one-bedroom apartment!