Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A History in Photos

While I was going through my childhood stuff from my parents' house, I found a lot of old photos from when I was little. I had a pretty great childhood, and it was so fun to relive some of those memories through pictures that I haven't seen in years and years. I just love them so much that I have to share them on the blog (aka... I'm posting them so I can find them years from now using the "search" box on the blog rather than digging through ginormous amounts of photos in iPhoto).

Here's a picture of me on my baptism day:

Here's one of me with my parents when we lived in Alaska (before my little sisters were born):

Nice pants, Dad. 

My sister Kristen was born when I was almost two. I loved to hold her and "babysit" her in my Sesame Street tent.

I was very proud to be the BIG sister. :)

My little sister Kristen (who became taller than me when I was about 4 and she was about 2) has been my best friend since she was born. We had so much fun together. Most of the photos I found were of me with Kristen:

I also found some pictures of us playing with my cousin Mark (who's just 26 days younger than me):

I love this photo so much!

There were quite a few photos of me with our dog, Mimi. I think I went through a stage where I pretty much just carried her around with me all day every day. These were taken during my "awkward years" (What was up with that awful haircut?! And how many teeth can one kid lose at once?!?!)...

Then there were photos of me with my parents: 

My parents and aunts and uncles used to go all out for Halloween with us kids. That's me in the mermaid costume, my dad as a scarecrow, my mom as a flapper, and Kristen as an angel. 

My dad was always making us laugh when we were little! We had so much fun with him! 

Here's me in my "big girl" bedroom:

I was so proud of my room. Even back then, I liked everything to have a place, and I was so happy when everything was all in its place and my room looked pretty. It was pink and wonderful. 

Just for funsies, here's a picture I made in preschool ("My Family: Dad, Mommy, Katie, Kristen"). 

I just love old pictures (remember when I found a bunch of old photos of Jeff as a little boy?). I'm so glad I found these ones in that closet... my sister and I couldn't stop laughing of that photo of all of us bundled up in winter coats that are twice as big as us. 

Go ahead, you can all laugh at my awkward years now. :)

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  1. So fun! I was just looking through all my mom's old photo albums trying to find pictures for wedding related things and it's so amazing to look back at all those memories. Don't worry, we all had those awkward stages, mine was WAY worse!